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Night Blooming WIP

By AngelaSasser
EDIT: Now with colored line art! This is going to be a mixed media image in watercolor and color pencil. I think I've settled on the name Arden suggested by ~RenaDementia. It seems very fitting:)

To be moved to Scraps shortly. Here's my latest work-in-progress for a painting I'm working on currently.

An angel hunts his demon prey through the ruins of a deserted temple. I meant for him to appear somewhat like Melakim without exactly being the same character. He has therefore been dubbed "Fake-a-kim" until he has a proper name.

Want to help me name him? Give it a shot in the comments:D

Graphite on Illustration board, 8.5x11 Inches.

Stock reference used: [link] by ~LinzStock
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Mondevu's avatar
XD Fake-a-kim.

How about Liaomeka? A mixture of Chinese & Swahili that roughly translates "red hunter".
PinkParasol's avatar
I cant wait to see this finished!
seishyn's avatar
I'm excited to see the finished version. It's looking cool so far!
seishyn's avatar
Hmm I thought of the name Denadrin when I read your comment, don't know why. I never used that name for any characters or anything. Just seemed to fit in my mind, lol.
sonettie's avatar
wow spooky, I have an old char named Arden xD
good name though, Ardens means passionate in Latin I believe, I'll have to look that up.
riclov's avatar
While we're picking nits... his index finger on his left hand lines up with the edge of his other arm. You might raise his finger a touch to get rid of that tangent. OK... I'm done;-)
AngelaSasser's avatar
Aaand tweaked! Just reuploaded with some changes you suggested. Now for the fun part:D
AngelaSasser's avatar
No prob Rick! It's good to know these things before I go into the rather permanent phase of things.
riclov's avatar
Looks good so far... might check the kerchief that goes across his nose; the apex of the bump in the kerchief is not in line with the center of the bridge of his nose.
AngelaSasser's avatar
Ah I see that! I shall give it a tweak before I paint. Thanks:)
DameOdessa's avatar
Wonderful, can't wait to see it colored! :wow:

For the name: Zelakim, Azorius, Celendrazan ?
keight's avatar
Very, very, nice, Ang.
lindowyn-stock's avatar
Don't move it to scraps!! It's beautiful! :heart:
AngelaSasser's avatar
Don't worry:D It will only be moved once the finished version comes along.
AlexandraRena's avatar
*gasp!* Awesome!! The pose is perfect!

Arden...even though it's the name my cousin gave her daughter..I think it's a nice unisex name. :)
AngelaSasser's avatar
Ohh I do love that name:) I think it's very fitting!
Captain-Savvy's avatar
Fantastic. I love the pose!
Ethelie's avatar
haha, I was like "yay new Melakim!" til I read ze comments. "somewhat" might be an understatement here.
AngelaSasser's avatar
haha it's kind of like the Ninja Gaiden edition of Mae XD
Ethelie's avatar
:D I like ninja gaiden
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