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Night Blooming

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His prey is but a whisper in the night, an old evil in an old land. But the Hunt is a familiar one in the backdrop of night blooming flowers inspired by the Hunter's presence. They will tell him secrets of what lies beyond the reach of their shimmering light.
This image was, I will admit, nerve-wracking. I felt like I bit off more than I could chew with attempting an unfamiliar color scheme and an experimental mix of color pencil and watercolor. All in all, I'm pleased to bring a bit more contrast and punch to the theme of a 'dark angel'. I've drawn so much fluff and light lately! It felt good to let loose.:devil:

This is yet another image for an upcoming project I will release more details about later. Till then, I can only promise that it will be an epic undertaking! :plotting:

Watercolor & Color Pencil on Illustration Board, 8.5x11 Inches.
Reference used:… by LinzStock
Sketch :pointr:…
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mtnightmare's avatar
way cool nice job:D
...Those tattoos! I tried something similar just a week ago: [link]
Very original approach to the wings too!

monikaholloway's avatar
Love his pose and the wings :)
Photopathica's avatar
beautiful scene :)
Yami-Kaira's avatar
DevilDoom1594's avatar
He looks like some kind of awesome assassin
AngelaSasser's avatar
If I were to guess at his story, I'd say he's a demon hunter ;) Not too far off from a shadow stalking type, though!
DevilDoom1594's avatar
Towim's avatar
There is something about this one that I just really like. Not sure what it is... Its just, wow.
BrJ-exe's avatar
Nice work, congrats... :clap: :)
Rita-Ria's avatar
this is so beautifully done!!!
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thanks:D It's one I'm really proud of in recent days.
Rita-Ria's avatar
you sure can be!
Hira--Akami's avatar
Have you ever tried watercolor pencils? they are fantabulous.
AngelaSasser's avatar
I have like two sets of those sitting here in my art drawer, but I keep forgetting to try them or just getting uncomfortable and switching back to the regular ol pencils. I really just need to get out of my comfort zone and go all out with them sometime. I've seen some gorgeous things done with them!
Hira--Akami's avatar
They are the only kind of paint I'm comfortable with, lol. They helped me get more comfortable with traditional media color.
QuestingRaven's avatar
Beautifully done. I especially like how you rendered the tattoos ... I can never get mine to turn out that well. :)
AngelaSasser's avatar
The trick with tattoos is to color them AFTER you've rendered the skin in color pencil (or in watercolor, for that matter). It's the semi-translucency of the tattoo that makes it convincing. Black tattoos, for instance, are never stark black, but have a tint of the skin underneath (especially if they've faded from age). Hope that helps!
QuestingRaven's avatar
Thanks for the tip, I'll keep it in mind ;)
CristianaLeone's avatar
Hi!! This beautiful work has been featured! [link]

Keep up with your amazing art amd happy new year! :heart: :D
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Saimain's avatar
Wow, despite the hassle this piece gave you, the end result is fantastic! Wonderful colors, setting, and composition; the background is a perfect contrast. The character really stands out. And I love his wings. ^__^
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thanks Adele! I had much fun coming up with a new type of wings to mix it up a bit. It's scary doing unfamiliar things, but oh so fulfilling when it comes out right! Must experiment more:D
Charlemaine's avatar
i love it that he has wing tattoos as well as real wings. & even more interestingly, the contrast btwm the 2 -- quintessential angelwings on the tat, and dark bat-like wings sprouting 2 sides of his being. or maybe relinquishing one for the other.

unfamiliar colour scheme? which part exactly?

'Night blooming flowers'. makes me think of the Court of Night Blooming Flowers in the Kushiel series
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