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Natalia and Coronado ORIGINAL

The original unedited high resolution version of Natalia and Coronado Embrace from my soon to be published original fantasy story which starts with the short story, The Scar, which details Natalia and Coronado's struggle with their families' pasts. This is my first ever try with Prismacolor Colored pencils from like....6 years ago so please have mercy on me^_^ I'm uploading a lot of old crap right now. New stuff will probably come over christmas breaks as I catch up on commissions.
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There's something a bit off about the proportions which just spoils the over all picture for me. But I love the colors, they're very vibrant and the blue seems to go very well with the red.
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I like the details, like the way he's also holding her with his wings :P (Lick)

The proportions aren'tquite right in some places, and perhaps the shading lets it down aa little, but otherwise, it's excellent.

Oh, glad to here you got the story published, damn well deserves it :P (Lick)
broken-soul's avatar
looks kinda cool....but something seems wrong..i dont know what yet looks nice just soemthing is wrong...i will ave to ge tback to you on that one