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Nariko, Heavenly Guardian

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Photoshop CC.  Click Download to get the 1920x1080 wallpaper.  Other wallpaper sizes as well as a .psd of the painting are available for my Patreon Patrons.

Nariko stands atop the cliffs of her village, sacred sword in hand. The flags of her enemies warn any invaders that only peace lies beyond. They were right to fear the child of prophecy, for true power lies within her!

This image was inspired by Heavenly Sword, one of my favorite video games and a challenge from an online art group I'm in to redesign a female character. I couldn't resist redesigning Nariko, whose oversexualized design conflicted with her strong personality and warrior status.  This image was also featured in What Women Women Characters over at Muddy Colors.

You can also read about my design and painting process over at this painting's Sketch Diary.

Nariko Ambient Occlusion Process by AngelaSasser
Nariko Heavenly Guardian Animated Process by AngelaSasser
Nariko of Heavenly Sword Redesign - Fashion Plates by AngelaSasser
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I always thought her outfit badly clashed with how she acted and how other characters treated her in the story X_X. 
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Everyone else being at least more armored or more dressed for the wintry beginning scenes was also baffling.
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Yeah, I watched the (pretty bad) movie and I was laughing throughout the whole thing at how other characters reacted to her and how seriously it took the story for her ridiculous outfit. 

In the beginning they said something about her being a tomboy and I snorted into my hand. XD

I don't mind sexy designs, but it gets ridiculous when it starts to interfere with the story and character. It's like if batman wore a cape and thong in the Dark Knight, and we were expected to treat him just as seriously. 
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I...cannot unsee that Batman mental image now. XD
Jarahamee's avatar
You're welcome. 
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I definitely agree.  If she were shown to be the kind of character who would utilize her attractiveness at all in or out of battle, that would've been a completely different story.  She's a tough as nails warrior, through and through.  Her redesign was a no-brainer for sure!
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Awesome job ^^
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Aaah, I know what I'll be dusting off to play this weekend, haha! Loved this game.

I love your design! So much more of a practical outfit, but still with that bit of flair and personality.
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thanks! Always good to hear a fellow fan enjoyed this redesign.:)
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Now this outfit looks badass! I was also put off by the ridiculous getup they put her in, it didn't even made sense on a stripper let alone a warrior.
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Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed my take on it.
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