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Mist Embrace

By AngelaSasser
Signed Prints :pointr: [link]
His breath came in soft hushes against her neck, his frail form enveloping her in a shroud of encompassing mist. He couldn't hold the dangers of the world from her with this decripit body or his own failing sense of humanity. Worse yet, he couldn't keep her safe from himself, the mere vicinity to her angelic presence a maddening wave that threatened to consume him every time he neared it.

And so, he did what he could, he simply held her in his mist, willing fangs to stay themselves and clutching tightly to what humanity she inspired with her gentle sobs.

An illustration for a novel and illustration project I've started with *windfalcon. Like dark fantasy, angels, elves, fae, romance, and violence?
Check it out here! :iconfleetingvision:

Sylven, the Elf priest is mine.
Isabelle, the angel, is *windfalcon's.

Prismacolor Color Pencil on dark grey 8.5x11 inch cardstock.
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© 2005 - 2021 AngelaSasser
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AngelaSasser's avatar
Thanks for featuring my work:D Such a great article.
HopelessBeliever's avatar
You're welcome :D
Good luck with not going crazy ;)
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thanks XD I've succeeded in conquering the picture matting so my sanity is now safe!
HopelessBeliever's avatar
Haha, I'm glad to hear that. Though I would have liked to see your "crazy" art.
Resnick's avatar
I was listening to Bittersweet by: Apocalyptica when I stumbled upon this... amazing atmosphere with that song ><.
AngelaSasser's avatar
Aah never heard of that song till you mentioned it. It is somewhat fitting:)
earth-gurl's avatar
Aw, this is so nice, very sad and I like it. The novel sounds very interesting, and I do like vampires, elves, romance, etc!
AngelaSasser's avatar
Indeed:D You should go over to :iconfleetingvision: and let us know what you think! It's not been updated in quite some time, but I'm going to start uploading the rest of the chapters now that I know there's still some interest.
earth-gurl's avatar
Definitely, thank you!
jeriweaver's avatar
Very nice texture through the whole thing =D
I really like the wings and the misty stuffs :bucktooth:
doranobaka's avatar
Whoa. How did I miss commenting on this the first time around? I mean, seriously, this is still very lovely. I'm just sorry I'm almost two years late in saying so. ^^;
Malbi88's avatar
makes me think you have been missing my big book of birds
QuestingRaven's avatar
Throw my "wow that's gorgeous" into the hat, 'cause ... well, it IS gorgeous. Great stuff :D
AngelaSasser's avatar
It's actually a fairly old piccy now. But I'm glad to see it reuploaded with better detail. Thanks for the commentary!
sonettie's avatar
I can't think of anything else to say other than to drop my jaw and say :omg: gorgeous!
mystikaal's avatar
Wow, what an engaging backstory, it really adds a wonderful context to the image! I really like that background/environment...the simplicity of it makes them the focal point of the image. He is very well done, great face and I love his hair. I like the folds on her dress and her wings too. Very nice work.
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thanks so much for reading the description! Most people tend to skim over them, but it adds so much more resonance to the piece, especially for this one:) If you like the back story, the full version is partially posted over at . I definitely recommend it:nod:. More of these characters will be posted there as well.
mystikaal's avatar
You're very welcome hon. :XD: Yeah, I always read the descriptions, I love to know what the artist thinks of the piece, what inspired them, etc. ;) I'll have to go check that out, thanks.
Aurum17's avatar
i like this thumbsup:
Lisadora's avatar
neomeno's avatar
beautiful, the wings are so lovely
kecen's avatar
A mighty good idea for drawing a body misting away, methinks.
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