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Melakim-Weapon Study



:new:HAH! I inked this pic at lunch today. Now...I just need to respond over at Tenebra before my character ends up in Thantos' dungeon with Sruarg and torture devices:P Not sure when I'll be able to color this. *gets buried by massive amounts of homework* :new:

This is one of those characters that seems to be evolving with each sketch. I took a break from commissions to experiment a little with Mel's clothing and weaponry. Since he does not have the angelic luxury of transmutation (creating things things from other clothing and the like) he has to live the human way, which is to buy clothing, weaponry, tools, food, and the like. Not to mention he also doesn't have the luxury of near instant angelic healing so bring on the band-aids (and he's damn sure going to need him if he continues to be an angel hunter and isn't killed within 5 mins of the rpg..:lmao:)!

For clothing, I stuck to a simple high necked vest probably of cotton-like and pliable enough to allow for movement with possibly brown animal hide pants with stitching on the side. Gotta have the long lasting material for bumps on the road. Nothing really complex for him besides the buttons and possibly heavier hide should the occasion call for heavier clothing/armor. His forearm guards consist of various bones and scales he's collected on his jobs. The gold chain he wears across his chest he meticuously crafted himself, carefully arranging the feathers from the wings of the angels he killed into a semblance of a wing. He finds it a most mocking piece of attire. If he can't have his own wings, he'll make his own.

Being able to attack quickly is something I figure would be ESSENTIAL for him, especially when it comes to those angels and their quick healing abilities. And that's what the runeblade is for (the sword on the far right near the edge of the pic):D Given to him by his mentor, Cien (more on that later...Mel's past has undergone a little revising as well which I'll probably share in a biography type thingy), the demonic runes on it partially negate an angel's ability to heal once the sword has drawn blood. Though, I'm redesigning that sword..he needs something more....curvy:D

The other little knives on the page are a skinning knife for taking rare hides and a whetstone for keeping all of his equipment sharp (which he keeps in that little kit hanging on the left side of his waist). This is still unfinished, but I'm probably going to fill the page with all his handy little tools, throwing knives, traps, poisons, and the like. Not only does he hunt angels,..but an assortment of other nasties as well. After all, one can't live off vengeance and hatred alone, gotta have the money to pay for all those band-aids.

I've also decided on a much more grotesque looking scar you really can't see well in this pic. The one over his eye now spreads back towards his cheek and looks more like a burn scar, since it was the flame of a fire angel that left the wound. He's also going to have a nice little assortment of bodily scars.
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ooooooooooooH, looks like he could hurt some boday O_O... damn some pretty knifes to do it with too