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Melakim-Portrait Study



Just a 'quick' portrait study of Melakim, a half-angel/human character I made for Tenebra. I've been wanting to draw him for awhile but just never got off my butt till now. Damn these flighty inspirations! *smacks her muse with a fly swatter*

I'm still getting used to coloring on cardstock, but I think I nailed his final look down complete with that painful looking scar over the right eye from a fire angel's blade.:P If his right eye looks odd, that's because it's been replaced with an enchanted opal stone which allows him to see the differing auras of angels by a not so pleasant procedure. He does not have wings, but rather a gold chain in which he's threaded the feathers of defeated angels. Now let's see how long Melakim lasts on the wrong side of several demonsXD

Prismacolor Pencil on blue cardstock
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oooh.. how'd I miss this? Its Melakim! He looks downright gorgeous... I'm a sucker for men with scars. I love his hair, it has a great solidity about it which I rarely get in my pictures. Nice handling of the media too, I'm beginning to hate my prismas...