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Melakim-Portrait Study

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Just a 'quick' portrait study of Melakim, a half-angel/human character I made for Tenebra. I've been wanting to draw him for awhile but just never got off my butt till now. Damn these flighty inspirations! *smacks her muse with a fly swatter*

I'm still getting used to coloring on cardstock, but I think I nailed his final look down complete with that painful looking scar over the right eye from a fire angel's blade.:P If his right eye looks odd, that's because it's been replaced with an enchanted opal stone which allows him to see the differing auras of angels by a not so pleasant procedure. He does not have wings, but rather a gold chain in which he's threaded the feathers of defeated angels. Now let's see how long Melakim lasts on the wrong side of several demonsXD

Prismacolor Pencil on blue cardstock
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oooh.. how'd I miss this? Its Melakim! He looks downright gorgeous... I'm a sucker for men with scars. I love his hair, it has a great solidity about it which I rarely get in my pictures. Nice handling of the media too, I'm beginning to hate my prismas...
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Y'know, this reminded me of a bunch of different things.

1) There were two abstract portraits in the art show at my school, of people with a large rock jammed in their eye. O.o The thumbnail of this looked like it was another one of those. XD
2) Pofesser Snape.

LOVE the hair... Cardstock is hard to work with, huh? Well you're doing well enough with it! ^^ Looks good!
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Marker-GuruProfessional Traditional Artist
That scar does look painful 0_0

its realyl beautiful. i havent ever got the hang of colouring on card stock like that XD its really tough XD
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AngelaSasserProfessional General Artist
OOhh you should check out * mistressofspam's tutorial on it here!: [link]

Nobody knows better than her about cardstock. She is the mistress of that as well:D
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Marker-GuruProfessional Traditional Artist
I know XD I've seen it. i think it has to do with my complete lack of patience that i cant do it so well XD haha! i like the feel of quick pencil lines rather than working it so i never work it far enough XD LOL!

it is an awesome tut tho =3
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AngelaSasserProfessional General Artist
Yeah*_* It is alot of work. You literally hafta force the pencil into the paper:P It ends up looking neat..but so much you have to do. I only work up the patience once a month it seems^^
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Marker-GuruProfessional Traditional Artist
ya. i have only done one drawing like that. i wasnt entirely happy with it ^^;
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AngelaSasserProfessional General Artist
OOOH you tried it out? Me wanna seeeeeeee! *claaaaws*
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Marker-GuruProfessional Traditional Artist
I threw it out ^^; Gomen XD haha!
thier skin tones were all wrong and then i started hating the anatomy on it ^^

then i fucked up the bg.
but it was an expolration thing i supose XD
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ewww crooked nose 0.o
the art looks great. i like the lips and the blind eye is very cool.
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Really exceptional job on the scars.
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I love the detail on this one, its been quite a long time since i've seen any portraits from you. My favorite part is his right eye/scar, feathers, hair, and...well hell i think i like the whole thing, lol. Good job. Oh, and i finally got my paintings scanned, you should check them out in my gallery if you want to.
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AngelaSasserProfessional General Artist
yes I saw your paintings on my watch! Very awesome! I just haven't had the chance to comment yet...but never fear!
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lol, thanks, don't feel obligated though.
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yume-ookamiStudent Traditional Artist
ow sounds like he's had it rough. I love how you did the scars and the opal. His hair looks gorgous, as well as the feathers ^^
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windfalconProfessional Traditional Artist
You did this in one night??? @_O Holy mother of pie! :pie:

You make your characters so detailed! And your skill with prismas...geez. It's incredible. And on blue cardstock! You can't even tell that he was drawn on blue paper, since the coloring is so precise and skilled.

And the scar - wow. It looks like a scar (as it's supposed to XD ). Very very very good work.
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leo-darkheartProfessional General Artist
Woah. Very cool awesome i like the expression and the lack of his one eye
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soulspoisonProfessional General Artist
ooh, he's very handsome! i love scarred men! ...did that sound odd? O.o oh well, awesome job!
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zionprimeProfessional General Artist
Good job.
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JudithMayrHobbyist Traditional Artist




I don't know what you are talking about, lovey..... :D

Anyway, I love the picture. He's soooooo cute. *wants to tumble him* And for some reason I adore how you did that artificial eye o.O Go figure.
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AngelaSasserProfessional General Artist
:lmao: HAHAHA tumble himXD

I'm really proud of that artificial eye as well^^ I layerd rosy beige, light cerulean blue, white, and cream over to get that jewel effect. I'm particularly proud of that little shine that it looks so damned real on colored cardstock*_*
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OOoh, so that's what he looks like.. :D Absolutely delicious. :)
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AngelaSasserProfessional General Artist
LOL icon on the boards was actually him in his younger years unscarred and with both eyes^^ This is how he's supposed to look currently. I'm glad he looks delicious. That'd the effect I was going for, kinda..scarred delicious..though I was afraid I messed up on the nose and lips and made him look too....'pouty' even though he is kinda poutyXD HAHA. Thanks for the fave mi'darlin:D
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L2Destini Writer
wh00t!! i love that white-ish eye!! and those beautiful feathers *claps uncontrolably*
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