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Melakim-First Sketch

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It's finally happened...*mistressofspammistressofspam and ~InsaneJudge insanejudge have corrupted me beyond repair. Here's a sketch inspired by all the talk of demons and angels and also possibly a new rpg character!

At first, I thought to name him Melkira (Servant of Blood) but that's an angel that guards against hemoraghing *imagines him holding a tube of preparation H*. Then I wanted to name him Misrael (angel of the throne who forces inferiors to know their superiors), but then my brain went off on a bondage suit tangent. Well, enough off my strange thought processes! On to the character brainstorming! This is all brainstorming so some things are subject to change.

Melakim-"Guardian of Children"
Pronounced May-la-keem (accent on the first syllable)
Element: Shadow

Half-angel/half-human orphaned at an early age. He never knew his parents, only that his exceptional abilities marked him as part celestial. Melakim exudes the beauty and aura of an angel, but that fact has never brought him fortune. Loathing his angelic half (and envying it at the same time) he became a bounty hunter in order to rid the world of beings whom he thinks are not the beings of light people think them to be, but rather self-righteous creatures drawn to the suffering of mortals. With the money made from hunting and selling the parts of supernatural creatures (other than just angels), he hopes to build his own 'Paradise' on earth.

His first encounter with an angel left him without a right eye (this pic shows him before he was scarred) and he insanely hunts them to find his angelic parent to repay him or her for all the suffering in his life he blames them for. Years alone twisted his notions of what angels are with no one to tell him differently. The corruption of some of the angels does no good to change his opinion.

He has only killed two angels in his life time (an achievement driven by sheer determination and hatred), but that fact alone was enough to gain him a reputation.

He carries several daggars and a longsword adorned with runes. A chain of the feathers torn from the wings of the two angels he killed hang from his belt. Also, the symbols of both angels are tattooed on each side of his right hand, the first one on the back and the second victom on the palm.

For a color scheme for his design, I'm thinking dark blues, browns, and blacks for his wardrobe. Possibly a long button up vest, sleeveless shirt, long pants, and black boots? Still brainstorming about that.

At first, he was going to have black hair, but ~highmagelnglighhighmagelngligh said I should give it a red sheen (which scanned out purplish since i used Tuscan Red) and voila! I didn't realize how much he does resemble one angel I know of in the rpg which is purely unintentional*_* I can hear Jude and Jess laughing maniacally in my head right:lmao: I even thought of the shadow element BEFORE I realized what other angel has that element. Why, you ask, is he named after the guardian of children? Despite his sadistic tendencies when it comes to revenge, he can't bare to see children in distress. He sees them as innocent and uncorrupted by the world around them, which is how he views his younger self. (many thanks to Jude for finding that name!)

anyhoo! More concepts will probably follow of this guy. Enjoy him..this is as close to bishonen looking as I'll get probably:D! Suggestions and comments are appreciated!
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leo-darkheartProfessional General Artist
ooooh he's a pretty boy. i like the face, he looks very much like a vampire though.
AngelaSasser's avatar
AngelaSasserProfessional General Artist
LOL MAe does have that vampire anne rice look to him....I really do need to redraw him with all his scars and less of the prettiness^^
leo-darkheart's avatar
leo-darkheartProfessional General Artist
lol Speaking of Anne Rice or her work. I'm reading Interview With The Vampire.
AngelaSasser's avatar
AngelaSasserProfessional General Artist
lol sweeet..I'm reading them out of order. I read Pandora, Vittorio the Vampire, and started the Vampire Armand and then Interview With the Vampire..I really should finish reading that while I have the free time..hmmmmmm it's so totlly different than the movie so farO_O
leo-darkheart's avatar
leo-darkheartProfessional General Artist
ahh cool
teutelquessir's avatar
teutelquessirProfessional General Artist
Very androgenous... hehe... BISHY! *dance*
Marker-Guru's avatar
Marker-GuruProfessional Traditional Artist
the symbols are so neat but my fav fav fav part is his HAIR o__o
patentdragon's avatar
So much wonder you turned out such a fascinating piece of work. :worship:

...from Your #1 Fan!
zananeichan's avatar
he sure does have a nice face :-)
AngelaSasser's avatar
AngelaSasserProfessional General Artist
i know..tis my fave part of him^^ You can tell cuz I always put the most concentrated effort into the face...yup! *is obssessed with character faces
zananeichan's avatar
Thanks :-) same for me i like it too , yes you very good with producing lovely attractive faces :-)
babybamf's avatar
Very beautiful. Nice job with the neck and shading! The Hair is Great!
davidhalo's avatar
davidhalo Filmographer
Wow looks fantastic, as usual your coloring job
is purely amazing and Im in love with the symbols.
Great work ^^
H-san's avatar
Woah, this is how you plan a character? I try to do stuff like this, but i stuff it up royally all the time. >.<

He sounds interesting so far. This reminds me that I gotta work on my angel story more...and a whole lotta others... ^^;
AngelaSasser's avatar
AngelaSasserProfessional General Artist
it's sorta new method I'm trying where I actually write my thoughts out on the paper as they come to me..which is bad cuz then people think those are the definitive facts for the chara..but good because it helps me to keep track of my constant stream of ideas. I have an angel story tooooo..but it's soooo far in the's neverending tell you!
H-san's avatar
New methods, I gotta try it some time, 'cept I can't bring myself to write on the paper... >.>

Lol, really? You have an angel story too? Me wanna see. *bawls*
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kdelnProfessional Writer
Nice design, visually and conceptually as well. I really like all the development of the character, like the pity and protection towards children. The concept of distaste at part of onesself is a classic but always a diverse one, I like the idea of a fair amount of it being a misconception because no one's told him otherwise. I love the designs as well, quite angelic but slightly evil looking, and the two tattooish designs are great! If he continued to kill angels, would he add more tattoos to his list? I'd love to see a sketch of that feather belt thing ^_^
pv-chan's avatar
he looks alot like that guy fromt he manga/anime deamon diary. ^^ it's awesome though! it looks so real *envy to no end*
Uneide's avatar
Lovely. He has such intense eyes! And yup, I was innocent as freshly fallen snow before Jess and Jude... ah me!
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chuuHobbyist Digital Artist
*foams at the mouth* bi...sho..nen...ack!!! *glomps* lookit at all his most beautiful of beautiful hair *touchies and admires* oh he has a very verrrryyy beautiful face that is scary but endearing at the same time and his eyess his eyeees *sways enthralled* ack! *brushes his hair* his hair, can i get over the nicety of his hair?! don't think so, it just cries out to be brushed is what it does.

His story is sooo awesome *speaks while brushing his hair and handing him cookies to dunk intermitently* i adore his name and all the thought that you put into it, its so sad. He is so mean and yet so kind at once, *hands him another cookie and continues brushing* its like you know, you want to be a kid round him just so you get to see the good side of him. Poor guy, must have had such a mean growing up but by the lords, he doesn't exactly have a very nice job sheesh....buttt its still sooooooo coool! how can i know its a 'wrong' kind of job and yet still think it kicks every type of butt there is.

oh is that your handwriting *hands him all the cookies and peers closer at the writing* i adore it, tell you what, these clothes you describe...chuu wanna seee :clap: i bet he looks soooo snazzy and droolicious in them too. oh yeah *rings bell* hubba hubba ding dong child! ding dong!

those tatoos are so pretty i like em...but the poor angels what died...:cries:
AngelaSasser's avatar
AngelaSasserProfessional General Artist
lol yup..that sad chicken scratch is my handwriting:D I'm glad someone's interested in his first I thought maybe I'd made him just a bit too cheesy and predictable:/ lol *laughs at the image of you giving cookies to him and brushing his hair* I'm tryin to draw those clothes right now...but I'm having too much fun with the muscles to hide them under clothing..muah! I hate it when that happens..yee!! I'm happy he actually gives off the evil bishi vibe:D
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zombiechanHobbyist Traditional Artist
He has a charming face, and such intense eyes! Lovely!

Hehe, but the image of an angel holding Prep. H has hurt my brain. Hurt it bad. XD
AngelaSasser's avatar
AngelaSasserProfessional General Artist
lol...ack! It seems I've spread my visual thinking to someone else..:lmao: Soorrry:)
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JudithMayrHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hmmmm, he's yummy... but you realize that Rubin will want his head for killing a fire-based angel o.O

And what is all that talk about corrupting you? The evil ideas came from you... we were only channeling them into the right directions *grins*

Anyway, love this concept. *bounces* Hopefully you will show us more of him soon ^_^
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