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Melakim-First Sketch



It's finally happened...*mistressofspammistressofspam and ~InsaneJudge insanejudge have corrupted me beyond repair. Here's a sketch inspired by all the talk of demons and angels and also possibly a new rpg character!

At first, I thought to name him Melkira (Servant of Blood) but that's an angel that guards against hemoraghing *imagines him holding a tube of preparation H*. Then I wanted to name him Misrael (angel of the throne who forces inferiors to know their superiors), but then my brain went off on a bondage suit tangent. Well, enough off my strange thought processes! On to the character brainstorming! This is all brainstorming so some things are subject to change.

Melakim-"Guardian of Children"
Pronounced May-la-keem (accent on the first syllable)
Element: Shadow

Half-angel/half-human orphaned at an early age. He never knew his parents, only that his exceptional abilities marked him as part celestial. Melakim exudes the beauty and aura of an angel, but that fact has never brought him fortune. Loathing his angelic half (and envying it at the same time) he became a bounty hunter in order to rid the world of beings whom he thinks are not the beings of light people think them to be, but rather self-righteous creatures drawn to the suffering of mortals. With the money made from hunting and selling the parts of supernatural creatures (other than just angels), he hopes to build his own 'Paradise' on earth.

His first encounter with an angel left him without a right eye (this pic shows him before he was scarred) and he insanely hunts them to find his angelic parent to repay him or her for all the suffering in his life he blames them for. Years alone twisted his notions of what angels are with no one to tell him differently. The corruption of some of the angels does no good to change his opinion.

He has only killed two angels in his life time (an achievement driven by sheer determination and hatred), but that fact alone was enough to gain him a reputation.

He carries several daggars and a longsword adorned with runes. A chain of the feathers torn from the wings of the two angels he killed hang from his belt. Also, the symbols of both angels are tattooed on each side of his right hand, the first one on the back and the second victom on the palm.

For a color scheme for his design, I'm thinking dark blues, browns, and blacks for his wardrobe. Possibly a long button up vest, sleeveless shirt, long pants, and black boots? Still brainstorming about that.

At first, he was going to have black hair, but ~highmagelnglighhighmagelngligh said I should give it a red sheen (which scanned out purplish since i used Tuscan Red) and voila! I didn't realize how much he does resemble one angel I know of in the rpg which is purely unintentional*_* I can hear Jude and Jess laughing maniacally in my head right:lmao: I even thought of the shadow element BEFORE I realized what other angel has that element. Why, you ask, is he named after the guardian of children? Despite his sadistic tendencies when it comes to revenge, he can't bare to see children in distress. He sees them as innocent and uncorrupted by the world around them, which is how he views his younger self. (many thanks to Jude for finding that name!)

anyhoo! More concepts will probably follow of this guy. Enjoy him..this is as close to bishonen looking as I'll get probably:D! Suggestions and comments are appreciated!
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ooooh he's a pretty boy. i like the face, he looks very much like a vampire though.