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Meditation on the Rose LineArt

Support the artist by purchasing the high res line art via the Premium Content system (click Purchase to buy)! Color it, display it, etc., just please do not resell or redistribute it. Have fun!;) You can still color the medium/low resolution for free. However, the file you purchase is higher res and allows you to show your support for the artist.

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Printable Coloring Book Pack 1: Fantasy Art Angels by AngelaSasser

A line art preview of a painting to come. Uploading here as a preview since you all are so special :meow: He reminds me a bit of my prince, Ramah. Completely unintentional!

Still pondering on a color scheme. I'm favoring royal blue, white, turquoise and pale gold, perhaps. Feel free to suggest!

8x10 in., Pen & Ink on Illustration Board.
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This is absolutely exquisite. 
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Gorgeous! Clap Love Clap 
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Fantastic work :D
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i would love to color this one
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Unfortunately this is one of the ones for publication that cannot be colored. Once my book comes out though, I'll probably release them for public alteration.:)
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amazing drawing man i love it!
van-goghbutterflies's avatar
This looks absolutely amazing! I'm excited to see it with color. :)
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Colored version will be released as soon as the book is out on the shelves in January. :D
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This is lovely, Ang.
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how bout moody silvers & greys & splashes of crimson? :love:
(or have i been watching Sleepy Hollow too much)

well it cOULd work. especially now that im imagining him looking almost like a granite angel come to life -- the kinds u see in grand old cemeteries, GOD how i love those. :D must note to whoever buries me to put a friggin granite angel on my tomb. although it's almost never done in most Asian countries.

it could be dark & a little desaturated, real dramatic, save for dramatic accents of light (tenebrism anyone plz?) and the red of the roses. oh it could look so sexy! feel like colouring it in meself hehe!

(hyper today, man.)
AngelaSasser's avatar
Actually, in the painting he got turned completely around to reds and golds! funny how things work out in the doing :)

Though I really love your idea of a granite color theme. Might have to use that for something else!
Charlemaine's avatar
yes, do! i shall remind you again of granite awesomeness in the future :XD:

really? i shall have to check out the finished version in glorious red & gold.

i know, some of my works' colour schemes turned out completely different frm the original intention. dont ask me how that happened ....
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The finished painting is another one I'm saving for the book. Once that goes live in December, you'll be seeing it here.:D
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Book art. Yay :D glad to see your art is gonna be seen by & impact thousands of ppl
AngelaSasser's avatar
:bounce: I can't wait! Just going through post production at the moment:D It still seems somewhat surreal at the moment, like it will never be a physical thing, but rather files I've sent off into cyberspace.
Charlemaine's avatar
haha i know the feeling. smtimes u just wanna SEE some tangible evidence of your work being out there. or rather, in here - in your hands. i assume you get like a free copy of the book when it's out...?
AngelaSasser's avatar
Oh yes, I'm allowed a few complimentary copies:D
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This is beyond gorgeous!
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