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Master Copy of Gerome's Pelt Merchant of Cairo



EDIT: Re-uploaded with a small correction. I've transferred the original comments to this deviation.

This painting took 3 hours in Photoshop sped up by 600%.  I'm currently teaching myself how to video edit using my painting studies so that I can make more of this sort of thing in the future.  It's been interesting learning how to narrate properly and keep things relevant as well as entertaining. I hope you guys enjoy this and future vids!:D

Original painting "The Pelt Merchant of Cairo" by Jean-Léon Gérôme

Looking for more masters to learn from? is an excellent source of study!

This video was captured and edited in Camtasia Studio 8.

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You can download the full HD video via Premium Content for 100 points to show your support for the artist.  This is purely optional, but definitely appreciated!
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Further remarks:

Like you, I'm very much taken with Gerome's "Pelt Merchant". 

You quite properly concern yourself with the overall composition, Gerome's handling of colors etc.   I guess my mind works differently, I can think of little else besides the merchant's face.   I abstract from it the round, bulbous shape of the turban, contrasting with his V-shaped jawline;   the tilt of his head; the slant of his eyes; the inverted V's of his eyebrows;   the narrowness of the nose; the fullness of the mouth; the high cheekbones, accentuated by the shadow down his cheek and beside the mouth.    The guidelines I'd draw for myself in making a caricature are shown in…