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MOAR Research Stamp



This is sort of an inside joke between me and *Zephyri.

It's long been known that my years as a literary scholar have left me with an unhealthy habit to research random and often useless knowledge for no particular reason other than it was interesting to know. Whether I am this way because of being an English major or because of a previous obsessive compulsion remains to be seen.

It seems every time *Zephyri asks me about a project, my response is I'm doing MOAR RESEARCH. It's gotten so bad I even have her saying it now.

So remember, everyone, do MOAR RESEARCH!

This will be the last stamp for awhile, I promise.

Stamp template used: [link]
Book stock: [link]
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I've always been like this. I recall learning about Ancient Rome in the 3rd grade and wanting to learn the ins and outs of it. I didn't really pick up on a lot because I was more focused on mythology and the clothing than the patriarchy and stuff but I remember writing in my journal about what we read that day and I put in "In Ancient Rome if a baby was found not strong enough they would abandon it on top of a mountain. Also, girls got married at 14." Only 9-10 years old and I had learned about infanticide and child marriages LOL