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MOAR Research Stamp

This is sort of an inside joke between me and *Zephyri.

It's long been known that my years as a literary scholar have left me with an unhealthy habit to research random and often useless knowledge for no particular reason other than it was interesting to know. Whether I am this way because of being an English major or because of a previous obsessive compulsion remains to be seen.

It seems every time *Zephyri asks me about a project, my response is I'm doing MOAR RESEARCH. It's gotten so bad I even have her saying it now.

So remember, everyone, do MOAR RESEARCH!

This will be the last stamp for awhile, I promise.

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deideiblueeyez's avatar
I've always been like this. I recall learning about Ancient Rome in the 3rd grade and wanting to learn the ins and outs of it. I didn't really pick up on a lot because I was more focused on mythology and the clothing than the patriarchy and stuff but I remember writing in my journal about what we read that day and I put in "In Ancient Rome if a baby was found not strong enough they would abandon it on top of a mountain. Also, girls got married at 14." Only 9-10 years old and I had learned about infanticide and child marriages LOL
AngelaSasser's avatar
Hey you never know when that kind of info might be useful! I like to be prepared for that night of trivia. XD
TeacupGrenades's avatar
I always have the urge to do MOAR RESEARCH ever since my 7th grade science fair project... Then I became obsessed with learning about the weirdest stuff :XD:
That's why I can explain narcolepsy, herbal medicines, and how to kill different types of cryptpids in one conversation.
AngelaSasser's avatar
At the very least, you can never say you're a boring conversationalist.:) For me, it's the history of pigments, survivalist tips, and criminal psychology all in one conversation. I'm sure the topics will switch up as I do MOAR RESEARCH.
TeacupGrenades's avatar
:D Sounds awesome!!! Yes, MOAR must be done lol :)
casp's avatar
I think I love this stamp even more because it came up when I searched "useless knowledge." MOAR RESEARCH! Always needed.
AngelaSasser's avatar
Ahah yes the well of useless knowledge could always use filling! Happy research to you. :)
Nightpark's avatar
Same habit here! XD However, I cannot complain... it's kinda fun. ;)
Zephyri's avatar
MOAR research... I bet you didn't do anywhere near enough on stamps before youo made this *stamps you with the stamp*

I can't believe you got round to doing this... it's so awesome and made of pure win!
AngelaSasser's avatar
ahahah yes occasionally I stop talking about doing something and do it. I know I talked about this one for AGES XD Glad you enjoy it! It's seem to have unearthed many more folks who suffer the same research curse. It's amusingXD
Charlemaine's avatar
any err, deep & meaningful reason behind the purposeful misspelling of 'more'? :XD:

(or is it net-slang that for sm reason i hv missed out on? i'm pretty trend-savvy yknow...)
AngelaSasser's avatar
ahah yes it's net slang. Don't worry...I didn't understand why people were doing it myself till recently>_>;
Charlemaine's avatar
aha. found the definition/s on urban dictionary [link] :XD:
AngelaSasser's avatar
ahahah this is the best definition everXD
MOAR (always capitalized, often used with pictures of rioting Koreans) is a cry of lust intended to elicit more of whatever stimulated the lust.
Marker-Guru's avatar
hahaa! i'm like that too! I'm constantly on sites looking up random stuff. Wikipedia is the best, because it links everything new! I end up with 40 tabs XD
Yesterday looking up polish food out of curiosity lead to some pretty indepth reading on hebrew, Judaisms, then the aurochs, and then to cattle, and back to Polish food, then to wars ... OH it went on and on for hours :D LOL

I taste soap :B
AngelaSasser's avatar
ahaha wow what a chain of research, from religion to food to wars. XD

I often get lost in their mythology topics and have recently begun a trend of looking up the etymology of common phases like "His name is mud", "nitpick", etc. It's pretty amusing knowing where some of these phrases come from.

Soap? That's not such a pleasant thing to taste XD
Marker-Guru's avatar
HA! i love looking that stuff up too :D its the random useless stuff that makes life interesting! haha! I may not know the times tables, but i know where the salute came from!

Ya, our soap is strong and doesnt rinse off our dishes well. BLECH :<
crazeypenguinanime's avatar
Heh. It's comforting to know on some level that my tendency to start surfing through like thirty or forty different tabs' worth of articles and the like isn't just a problem with me. I've done that kind of thing for stuff ranging from dating to astrology to videogame lore... and that's just some of the most recent stuff I've looked at. One tab can quickly turn into dozens of them. Stresses out my computer memory when I restore them to look at them again later. >.O

If I were subscribed, I'd stick this in my journal immediately. xD; Maybe someone should make a couple of plz accounts for this so those of us who aren't can still use it. :shrug:
crazeypenguinanime's avatar
Sorry for the late reply. Basically a "plz account" is a spare account with a silly image or special emoticon that dA doesn't really have set up that people will use in place of the ones the site DOES use. (Sometimes they'll string them with other accounts to say something.) Well, I say they're of emoticons and the like, but stuff like stamps can be put in this form, too, for people without subscriptions to use. Usually when the image is too big for the default avatar dimensions, it's split up and the parts get associated with separate plz accounts.

People who want to use them just use the : iconaccountname : tag and ta-da~! Like this: :iconladydove7::lemmeglompyou2plz:

So, in a nutshell, they're a waste of space, but they're cute/funny/kinda practical wastes of space. 8D;
AngelaSasser's avatar
Ahah yes the tabs stress my memory out too and make my boyfriend (who built my computer) shake his head and roll his eyes. Of COURSE I'm looking at all these tabs at once>_>

I think I know what you're talking about, but can you clarify what a ';plz' account is?
crazeypenguinanime's avatar
... Oops. Two things to correct. One, I replied to my own comment and not yours. D: Sorry!

Second, I messed up the tag for the plz account I linked. :| It looks like this: :iconladydove7::iconlemmeglompyou2plz:

There. So much for making sure I wrote everything right. :[
AngelaSasser's avatar
Aah I thought that's what you were talking about. The glomp is cuteXD
HiddenRelevance's avatar
Yesh! Moar reasearch is good for the sole! *cackles*
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