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Lusiphur Meets Aurora

What if Lusiphur from Drew Haye's Poison Elves and my rowdy street samurai, Aurora, did meet up? There would probably be many bar brawls, lots of yelling, and a sword fight. I don't know who would die..but it would probably be everyone ELSE in the room^_^

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I was surprised to stumble upon fanart for Poison Elves by complete accident. But when have tall girls ever turned him off? I mean, Cass was pretty long-legged...
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aah well this is just the first impression. Who knows what might happen in the future?

She'd make fun of his height considering the vast height difference. I'm sure that would annoy him at the startXD
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Well, to be fair, *most* things annoy Luse. I mean, he isn't exactly Mr. Congenial.
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Of course. But we all know it's an act to hide the fuzzy interior. The very buried 12 foot under fuzzy interior.

aah I'm really going to miss the comic. I hope they bring it back with the right creative team:(
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And the stuff it's buried under is very sharp, like pointy rocks. With landmines in it.

No doubt. At least there were a few artists back in the day who did guest comics (like the Lusiphur & Lirilith series) that were really good.
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Yes I really adored the art in that series. I would be ecstatic if Jason Alexander took the reigns artistically.
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I really love this one, not least of all since I am a rather short little faerie myself. :D
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aah but the key question for a faerie would be, do you have big ears?XD
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Ahem*clears throat* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!^_^ Always love this one Angie. Nice to see it's your featured one^.^ Even though the other one was good too ;) (Wink)
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Hehe, nice conversation. I like the drawing style and especially the expression on the dark elves' face. Well done.
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