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Lady of November



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Detail shot & matching mask:
Lady of November Original Painting Montage by AngelaSasser  November's Mask by Angelic-Artisan 

The Lady of November bears the Chrysanthemum and dons the stone of Topaz. The Chrysanthemum represents cheerfulness and the Topaz will bring her strength and wisdom.  She ushers in a time of fading light and remembrance.

10x20 inches, watercolors and ink on illustration board with gold liquid leaf accents.

I'm so excited to share this with you guys! This painting has been one of THE most challenging images in my Ladies of the Months series to date and definitely one of the most detailed.

I wanted to see what would happen if I dedicated myself fully to an idea, no matter how intimidating it was to execute! The result was an image that equaled a lot of struggle with fear that I wouldn't be able to pull this off.

I would say 'never again' for driving myself this insane, but there are still 5 Ladies left! *insane laughter*

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Stunning work!
Those vibrant orange/yellow colours against that soft purplely background make the whole image really pop. I love the intricate details and I applaud you for your dedication and sticking to your guns. What’s a little insanity when you can proudly share such a gorgeous piece of art with the rest of the world? Clap