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Lady of June



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June's Mask:
  June's Birth Flower Mask by Angelic-Artisan

The Lady of June bears the Rose and dons the stone of Pearl. The red Rose represents the passion of love, while the Pearl will bring her abundance.  She ushers in a time of unions and divination.

10x20 inches, watercolors and ink on Arches hot press paper with genuine gold leafing in the letters.

It's been a wild ride for me over the past few months!  As I venture into the Ladies of Summertime and the 2nd half of this series, I've been a bridesmaid, a bride, and moved into a new house with my husband.  How fitting that I should create the Lady of June as I celebrate my own marriage!

The Summer Solstice in June is a popular time for weddings and the celebration of feminine power.  June is named for Juno, a goddess who protects the affairs of women.  It is also a traditional time of divination.  I found more than a few mentions in my research of young maidens using this time as a way to foretell who their future husbands might be!

The image of a young woman looking into a well to see her future husband stuck with me during research to become the painting you see now!  Research also said she should be naked while perching on the well, but I admit I really just wanted to draw a pretty rose-themed wedding dress!

To read more about the creation of this piece, including stock resources, process shots, etc. check out her Sketch Diary coming soon to my Art Blog!  

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It's splendid!