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Lady of December (Traditional Version)

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Sketch Diary for this Painting

10x20 inches, watercolors and ink on illustration board. 

Original Painting: Available framed for $800! (My Patreon patrons get a special discount and exclusive wallpapers of this piece.;)) Reserved for my mom!  Sorry guys. The mom has laid claim. XD

The Lady of December bears the white Narcissus and dons the stone of Turquoise.  The white Narcissus celebrates fertility and resurrection while the Turquoise shall bring her prosperity and good fortune.
I'm happy to present the first of my upcoming "Ladies of the Months" series!  Each lady will represent the birthstone and flowers for each month.  I've decided to reboot this series in traditional media, instead (it began in digital).  The inking and watercolor painting are far easier and more enjoyable for me to do by hand, believe it or not!

This series is also my homage to Alphonse Mucha, who inspires me on a daily basis.  I drew a lot of inspiration in particular from his Precious Stones series.

The Lady of December represents the birthstone of Turquoise and the white Narcissus flower.  I also chose to incorporate the themes of the Saint Lucia candle crown and holly as homage to the seasonal elements of December that I enjoy.

The digital version and the traditionally inked line art:
Lady of December by AngelaSasser Lady of December Line Art (Traditional Version) by AngelaSasser

Stock referenced from themuseslibrary:
Seated Nouveau Lady PACK 1 by themuseslibrary

More of this series:
Ladies of the Months Series by AngelaSasser Ladies of the Months Mask Series by Angelic-Artisan

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Freelana's avatar
this is too freaking beautiful!
Bit-sinna's avatar
Beautiful work. I really like what you've done with this series so far. :heart::)
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thank you!  I'm looking forward to the next in the series (February).  Such many gorgeous color combinations and motifs possible!
Bit-sinna's avatar
You're welcome! :)
Stephanie-Chivas's avatar
Beautiful!!! I love seeing the differences in the digital and traditional ones. 
Jim-From-Hell's avatar
Magnificient!!!! :wow: :wow: :wow:
Jim-From-Hell's avatar
You're very welcome :)
Morkadion's avatar
Oh my gods, this is so amazing!
HiddenRelevance's avatar
This really did come out fantastic with the watercolors hon! I'm so excited to see the rest of the series as they come to life!
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thanks, Cait! I'm excited as well! I get to play dress up with the rest of the Ladies, which is a nice throwback to my fond memories of playing fashion designer as a kid. It's going to be so fun!
HiddenRelevance's avatar
Dress up is always fun! *grin*
BlueRavenfire's avatar
keight's avatar
Simply lovely, Ang. Both versions are very well done, and are beautifully colored; but the watercolors's more organic blending and color merging makes that version seem the more delicate of the two. :D My advice, love your "twins" equally.
AngelaSasser's avatar
That's very good advice!  I'm going a bit mad trying to pick between the two. Better to love them both for what they both do right.:)  I'm glad to hear this traditional version appeals, though!  I was beginning to think I took a step backwards with it.  I'm still getting the hang of controlling my values and colors with watercolor. I don't think I ever mastered it and returning to it after doing digital has been quite the learning experience!
keight's avatar
As it is with any media tools we set aside for too long a time; no matter the reason.
cihanc's avatar
Am I correct in sensing a bit of Alphonse Mucha in this? With the bold outline, curves, and so on.
AngelaSasser's avatar
Yup! I references his Precious Stones series in the description of this piece.  It's a big influence and probably some of my favorite work of his!
cihanc's avatar
Damn, I didn't read the description properly, sorry.
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