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Lady of August



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August's Mask:

  August's Mask by Angelic-Artisan

The Lady of August bears the Poppy and dons the stone of Peridot. The Poppy represents peace in death, while the Peridot will bring her strength.  She ushers in a time of reminiscence.

10x20 inches, watercolors and ink on Arches hot press paper with genuine gold leafing in the letters.

For Lady of August, I drew upon the themes of mourning and remembrance of the Obon festival of Japan.  During this festival, lanterns guide the spirits of loved ones to and from the underworld.  She is a Lady of guidance for these spirits.  Unlike the Lady of November, she is not a beacon for the dead, she is the river.  She is the gentle stream that brings the spirits ever homeward and back again, protecting them on their long journey.

This painting presented quite the challenge balancing the 'layers' of the underwater Lady and the objects skimming the surface. Hopefully, I was able to achieve that optical effect with the layered inks and contrast/saturation!

To read more about the creation of this piece, including deeper inspirations, process shots, etc. tune in over at my Patreon for as little as $1 for exclusive sneak peeks and process write-ups!

Also got this done just in time for the Mucha Challenge at artnouveau.  Go check out this lovely group for more amazing Art Nouveau work!

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keight's avatar
Very, very, well done, Ang. I think you've nailed her.

Courtesy of some pesky real life "alarums and excursions" that made my "get up and go, get up and leave"; it took me awhile to to realize just how different and tricky this Lady is from the rest of the set; and even longer to comment.