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Kushiel's Dart Cover Redesign Thumbnail Sketches

By AngelaSasser
"It was very difficult to choose between what iconic symbols of this series I wanted to show - the heterochromia of Phèdre's eyes or her symbolic rose marque tattoo.  In the end, I personally favored the tattoo, as her eyes just aren't readable from far away and a prospective reader needs to be drawn in a little more immediately."

Read on at the full blog post, Sketch Diary: Kushiel's Dart Cover Part 1.
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I agree that 3 is strong, but I like the Egyptian feel I'm getting from 4. Very nice. :)
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I like 3 for the much more articulated reasons above. I also like 8 because it's dynamic and it's probably the most eye catching next to 6. It's nice in these days of merchandising to remember a book cover can also be poster. I'd love to see you do 6 as a portrait because I don't think I've ever seen anyone play up Phedre's hetrochromia.
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Argh there were so many good choices for this one. I may have to revisit 6 at some point because I agree, her heterochromia isn't played up as much as it could be and that'd make a fab picture!
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I also really like 3. The shape of her body draws me in and the doves are so lovely. Nice work.
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I really like 9, for whatever reason.
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3 Is the strongest here. You have the large spot of white for the body, and the smaller whites of the smaller whites of the doves. Just like a fulcrum, you need tobalance the seesaw of the composition in the front and thw back separately. I like how it's not a straight pillar like #2 but I like those larget statues.
There are so many verticals in the composition. Verticals are strong and tense, diaganals are filled with movement and action, and horizontals are peaceful.
I wonder if you push the perspective somehow, from below or above the woman. From below her, it would make those statues very large and suppressive to her.
I guess it is a bit provacative pose, and shows a curvacious body. Young readers would probably hide the book if reading it. If you perhaps covered some of the tattoo so you don't give a full reveal at first glance.
#8 is a little dynamic, but it really could be explored further.
More thumbnails!
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I think number 2 is my favorite, though 4 is also a strong contender.
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I think 2 and 3 are my favouties... but it's so close! They're all really wonderful :D
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