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Kushiel's Dart

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Time Lapse Video & Marque Design:

Phedre's Marque Final Version by AngelaSasser

EDIT:  I've re-uploaded this painting with a few changes suggested by the amazing folks at IlluXCon.  You can still see the old version here.

In an ancient land founded by angels, a young woman discovers her destiny as one touched by the Angel of Punishment, himself.  This is the tale told in Kushiel's Dart, one of my favorite mature fantasy novels and an endless source of inspiration for me.  I decided to test myself by designing a wraparound cover for this book as an exercise in my artistic and book illustration skills.  Check out the original cover by John Jude Palencar to see what the original cover looked like.

What I Learned:

-  Keep it simple!  If I were to start over, I would make this even more simple, since I got very carried away by all the details.  Clear figures and composition with a hint of narrative to tease the mystery are better than jam packed images that tell you everything.

- Master copies are the best medicine if you're ever stuck on a piece!

- Don't be afraid to 'murder your darlings'. I changed this image SO many times by the end that I pretty much destroyed it - ALL in service of making a more successful piece.

I'm keeping a journal, of sorts, of my Kushiel related art over at Kushiel Concepts and its tumblr mirror, for anyone wanting to see more.  The stuff that's too racy to be in this account's gallery will most likely end up there and over at angelicremains.:devil:  

You can also find more Kushiel's Legacy inspired work over at Nights-Doorstep:

Thanks to Zephyri and the Oatley Academy for all the great feedback!  I never would have pushed myself so hard without your knowledgeable guidance and ceaseless encouragement not to settle for less.
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Mighty Kushiel

Of Rod and Weal

Late of the Brazen Portals

With blood tipped dart a wound unhealed

Pricks the eye of chosen mortals

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Such a great verse! <3
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Pretty artwork of a story i just began to read.
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Ohh you're in for a treat.  Happy reading!
Excellent and great work! I was impressed... what did I say? I was enthralled by the Jacqueline Carey's universe and literary style. Very good evocation of the Kushiel's mercy :) (Smile)  (if I remember well the name of ritual, mentioned at the beginning of one of the three books)
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I was thinking of a very specific scene with Phedre where she was scourged as part of her penance by the priests of Kushiel.  That scene always stuck with me!  It's no coincidence that the doves in this painting symbolize the same ceremony with Naamah as well.  I'm glad you enjoy my painting! :)
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This is more beautiful than I can properly express right now. Heart  I recently got into the Kushiel's Legacy series and love it to bits. Currently, I have too much month left at the end of my money ;) (Wink), but I shall buy this and hang it right next to my beloved bookshelf! There's some tragically empty space on that wall. :D (Big Grin) 
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Thank for your kind words!  I consider it a high compliment that readers of the book enjoy this work.  :rose:
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LOVE these books - this painting is a beautiful rendition of Phedre!
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Thank you!  I'm glad a book reader approves.:)
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Love the books - love your image :)
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Thank you!  I'm excited to do more in this vein in the future.
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Love, Love, Love, This piece... She is quite Beautiful. You have captured Phedre in a Luis Royo kind of way Well done!
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thank you! That's quite the compliment.:)
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Love the books, and certainly love this one 
AngelaSasser's avatar
Always happy when I can please the book readers!
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I've been following you for a long time actually without realizing it. I found this piece while doing work on a Kushiel's Legacy project of my own. Awesome! 
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Hey cool! I spied the Kushiel's Dart t-shirt design in your gallery.  Awesome stuff!  I totally need to get back to this project of mine sometime. I hope to do my own versions of the other covers as well, including supplemental illustrations and designs.  Just not enough hours in the day right now!  Funny how you found this one before you knew who I was.:D
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I love the process you're sharing with us. Cookie?
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Intriguing and beautiful piece. 
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Oh my goodness this is gorgeous! The lighting creates the perfect atmosphere, and I really love the little splashes of crisp detail and especially Kushiel OH MAN. I'm inspired to go pick up and reread the books now.
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That's exactly the reaction I wanted to hear with this piece!:D
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Quite amazing. It's so serene, but at the same time, I can feel her longing. Bravo on bringing this to life.
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This is so beautiful, I liked the smaller image but this is a triumph. Rally well done on this. :) I was drawn to the attire at first, but now the candles are catching my attention. =3
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