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Keeper of Secrets Line Art

By AngelaSasser

:new: This original ink drawing is currently for sale on Etsy!

Support the artist by purchasing the high res line art via the Premium Content system (click Purchase to buy)! Color it, display it, etc., just please do not resell or redistribute it. Have fun!;) You can still color the medium/low resolution for free. However, the file you purchase is higher res and allows you to show your support for the artist.

Find more line art to color in my Coloring Books and Pages collection!

Save money by buying the coloring book pack here:
Printable Coloring Book Pack 1: Fantasy Art Angels by AngelaSasser

The color version:
The Keeper of Secrets by AngelaSasser

11x14 in., Pen on illustration board.

:star: YES you may color this! But please leave a credit of my name and link back to the original.

I'll be bringing it to final color digitally. She was a rejected cover for my art instruction book, Angelic Visions.

She was perhaps a bit too menacing for a cover, but I'm glad to have re-discovered her again and hope to have her up in my DragonCon display this year once she's finished! To be displayed alongside a key-themed mask similar to this one:

Keeper of Secrets Mask by Angelic-Artisan

Never heard of my art book? Check out the inside of it here!:
Angelic Visions Bundle by AngelaSasser

There is also a book trailer:
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very nice. i like the design. :)
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it's so beautiful i'm afraid to color it in fear i might mess it up. :worship:

i SOOO wanna see the end results after u color it and make it stain glass-y. :squee:
AngelaSasser's avatar
Actually I finished coloring it yesterday! I just forgot to link it here:D Enjoy! [link]
WyldAngel's avatar
she's really lovely and I can't wait to see her color scheme
AngelaSasser's avatar
I'll probably be posting a tonal study here on DA, but here's a sneak peek at the flat colors! :D [link]
WyldAngel's avatar
mostly I love her waist area.. is that an eye?
AngelaSasser's avatar
Yup that is an eye and yes I am evil and meant for it to be unsettling. Bua ha ha:devil:
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Wow, this is so beautiful!!! :w00t:
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thanks! I'm so happy I found her in my stuff again so I could finish her.:)
SethFitts's avatar
This looks great! I enjoy the varied line work in this drawing. Seeing the drawing this way makes me think of a stained glass piece and how awesome this could look as stained glass.
AngelaSasser's avatar
That's a good observation, Seth! I plan to do a lot of stained glass lighting effect in this. Should be fun trying this one digitally! It's ever so much easier to achieve ambient glow.
Tollkirsch's avatar
Wow, great. I love the symbols and I'm very curious how she will look coloured :)
AngelaSasser's avatar
I'm thinking whites, blues, purples, and reds at the moment!
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