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Holiday Nouveau 2007

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It shouldn't be just one day that we celebrate the bonds between loved ones, but it doesn't hurt to be reminded by that special time of the year. This one is for all of you friends, family, and watchers who've given me such love and support. It really keeps an artist going.

I've really had too much fun with this style so expect to see more of it from me. Keep a look out for prints of this piece on ebay where 10% of the proceeds will be going to help a charity. I will link them to this deviation and in my journal when they're up.
8"x12", Watercolor and Copic Multiliners on Strathmore Illustration Board<div align="center">
<div align="center">See the complete Christmas Series here! :pointr: [link]
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Grandma591's avatar
So very, very beautiful!! You have such a wonderful talent and you share it with all of us. For that I thank you from my HEART!!
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Thank you for your kind words of support. :) I was looking around and saw this group! [link] I remember you like to color and thought this might interest you!
anavenouveau's avatar
your art reminds me of mucha's portraits
AngelaSasser's avatar
Mucha is definitely one of my biggest influences:) This particular piece was intentionally meant to mimic his style as a sort of homage. It made for a wonderful Christmas card that year!
el-e's avatar
lovely work:]
Ytril's avatar
Really chanting details....
Demitri-Girl's avatar
It's lovely! It does remind me of a classic Christmas card and I love the gold bell, it adds a nice touch ^_^.
Seyreene's avatar
This really catches the art nouveau look! And it's one of the rare christmas pictures that don't look too sweetish. Or kitschig. XD

I like the watercolour look of the copic colouring! It doesn't look like markers at all.

If only her shoulders wouldn't look that strange... oO;
AngelaSasser's avatar
actually it's not copic at all. It's all watercolor :nod: Copic Multiliners are actually the type of archival black pens I used to ink the outline. The strangeness of the shoulders is due to the fact the nouveau style really rounded the women off so that they didn't have shoulders. It's kind of creepy, but I took cues from Mucha's work on that one.
Seyreene's avatar
I, then I misread that! Sorry.
(I kow the multiliners, they are great for lineart!)

And thank you for explaining the shoulder's anatomy. :)
Mondevu's avatar
Awesome color-scheme! ^_^
HiddenRelevance's avatar
Love the softness the water color gave this my dear.. just lovely!
emey's avatar
beautiful coloring very cool and lovely....:-)
Fazzey's avatar
Very beutiful. I love the soft colors.
Marker-Guru's avatar
I am really fond of the pointsettas in the corners of this its really awesome :D
the gentle colours work realyl well with the BG and the spirit of the season :)
AngelaSasser's avatar
Gentle colors are a new thing for meXD I'm used to big bright and bold! As for those borders, man I can't tell you how much this book rocks for border ideas: [link]

It's only cemented my resolve to do more in this style. I think it really suits my love of inking:)
MrsNox's avatar
Beautiful in color too! :heart:
genchan's avatar
Your watercolor abilities are amazing! Great job, I hope you do more of this style.
AngelaSasser's avatar
I'm planning an archangel series in this style. It's going to be alot of fun:D
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I like it, the gold bell does work.
Charlemaine's avatar
OK......i know i should be appreciating the warm, wonderful depth of your message and i reeeeally like the 10% charity thing but .....all i can think of right now is, "i want her dress!!" :lol:

i dig the slightly exaggerated expressive hands. it's just SO old-skool nouveau. i love the whole thing - the pink, the vibrant yet restrained color theme, and ohh the HAIR. :love:
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