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Glimpse of Eden

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In the passageways of a forgotten Paradise, she lingers, gathering lost souls with her featherlight touch.

They can only feel the warmth of this sacred space, stuck as they are, guided only by her trailing beauty.

She will keep them safe from the rigors of forgetfulness.

11x17 in., Watercolor on Illustration Board.

I did this back in March of 2010, another illustration featured in, Angelic Visions, which is in stores today & published by impactbooks!

I drew great inspiration for the techniques in this work from puimun, who taught me how to add a touch of grace and light to my watercolors.
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I always wondered what the name of this piece of art was, well now I know! Superb work here, miss, it makes my heart flutter to see the full picture! :D
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thank you!  She's one of my favorites created for my book Angelic Visions.:)
devianttwins14's avatar
No problem, thank you for being you and sharing your awsome art! X3
monikaholloway's avatar
Omg, this is totally taken from Stephanie Pui-Mun Law!
AngelaSasser's avatar
She's certainly a huge influence of mine as far as painting techniques and as an artist I admire, but this was not taken from her, as far as it's an image I did completely on my own.
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I'm sure you painted it all by yourself, but I couldn't help but notice its a spitting image of Stephanie's Harbinger. Link: [link]
AngelaSasser's avatar
I'm not sure what you're trying to say exactly. Yes, Stephanie is an influence as well as someone whose books I learned much from, but flowing cloth and floating women are hardly copyrighted. The pose is different, the concept is different, and this one, despite being stylistically inspired by her, is still completely different.

I know you mean well for Stephanie's behalf, but this image was not copied and if we told everyone who was stylistically inspired by other artists that they are just copying, than we'd hardly have any people there to call themselves artists. Artists learn from one another and develop our own styles after figuring out what we enjoy from those who came before us whose work we enjoy. This piece I consider a learning experience in that process of finding my own style, though perhaps not a success at being 'unique'.

It's quite similar stylistically to Stephanie (unsurprising since she taught me a lot), but still somewhat different and a stepping stone towards developing a style all my own with each successive piece I make.

I appreciate what you're trying to do here as far as defending a fellow artist, but be careful when you say an artist is copying. There is a difference between tracing and being inspired by another artist, which isn't the same thing.
monikaholloway's avatar
Wow, judging by the tone of your reply, Ive upset you big time with my comment. Firstly, I never used the words copying or tracing - I suggested the idea (colour scheme, subject, background) for the painting was taken from Stephanie's Harbinger, which it was and you admitted that. You are absolutely right - There is nothing wrong with being inspired by other artists and since it's not an exact copy, you have no reason to get defensive.  The piece, like you said, is not unique, and perhaps it would be nice to mention Stephanie as your inspiration, since not all deviant art users know her work. That would be only fair, don't you think? 
Secondly - again - I didn't mean to upset you, so Im sorry if I did. I can honestly admit I learned everything I know about painting from Stephanie and if someone said my pieces look just like hers I would be rather honoured, since she is so incredibly talented. All the best. Monika
AngelaSasser's avatar
Monika, I appreciate your clarification about what the intention of your comment was. When someone says 'taken' that has a very negative connotation in my eyes and implies a theft of some sort.

I do not think Stephanie would be mad about others being influenced by her style when we take into consideration that she has published books for us to learn from and to borrow her techniques and interpret them in our own pieces.

I did not feel the need to credit Stephanie on this piece for this reason. It was not meant to be any particular homage to her, but rather a piece about a collector of lost souls (I have already credited her in the past as an influence on a piece that *was* meant to be a homage to her called "Verdant Muse"). As a courtesy to people who might get confused, I will add a line to this work's description.

If people see the correlation to Stephanie's style, than that's fine by me, though I would rather they consider the piece on its own, in addition to that, and enjoy the story it tells.

What is most irksome is to have the style comparison be the only thought that comes to mind on this piece when I hope people can enjoy it for its own merits. Again, that's a failure of needing to make this work more unique that I will simply have to remedy with the next piece!

Thanks for taking a look at the rest of my gallery. I'm constantly evolving to nail that style of mine down and I hope it shows through the other work you have seen!
monikaholloway's avatar
Thanks Angela :) I really enjoyed Looking at your gallery, you have some really great images in there. Your male characters are fantastic! Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future. All the best. Mon
Kitanokata's avatar
Gorgeous! The softhess of the colours is amazing.
Feagaer's avatar
this is cool. love the flowy fabrics :) they're almost liquid looking
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
WOW!!! Beautiful!!!
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Malbi88's avatar
This is just so amazing I love the color contrast between the blue and pink all the elements to me seem to just create this wonderful image of flowing, light and a delight to the world. Butterflies and feathers classic you.
AngelaSasser's avatar
I think it really shows that she was the end of my journey with the book, as she was the very last painting I completed! Everything I had been learning in order to teach others culminated in perfected techniques for this one.

I only hope I can replicate this awesomeness again in the future!
Malbi88's avatar
If not replicate Im sure you will be able to surpass
AngelaSasser's avatar
One can only hope!:D
van-goghbutterflies's avatar
This is such a beautiful and fun piece! It's a pleasure to look at. :)
ebonypen's avatar
I love this style of painting, It's very elegant :nod:
Permyxxx's avatar
wow! how long did this take you?
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