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Gift Sketch - Dragon Prince

Just in time for *Zephyri's birthday! Her Dragon Prince, Kana, who means SRS BUSINESS!

Hope I've done him justice luv and that you've had a wonderful birthday today!

8.5x11 in., pen and ink.

More of Kana because he is made of pure awesome!
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Omg hun, he's amazing! He's got a really awesome ninja Scroll feel about him, I could totally imagine him being one of the awesomenest villains in that movie (which is a new slant on things!). You also made him subtley muscular too, which I love. *luffluffluff*
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It was a random impulse along the lines of "hmm I wonder what he'd dress in if he had to go on some kind of journey outside of his country? And possibly met bandits on the road?" So I imagine this to be his practical traveling gear!

Glad you like the new slant! It was much fun to do.:D
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Great! I think your marker work is really strong.
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Thanks! I really enjoy black and white work.:) Ink was one of the first media I learned to use as an aspiring artist.
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cool, I like it!