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Forsythia ACEO Line Art

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I've been seeing so many forsythia bushes around here bursting with early spring blooms of vibrant yellow that it's tickled my muse something awful. An amazing feat, considering how I generally loathe the color yellow.

Forsythias carry a specific memory of a feeling for me. A memory of the joy I had in decorating our Easter tree which was made from the branches of pussy willows and forsythias. They looked so beautiful done up with ribbons, bunnies, and miniature eggs. There was a feeling of excitement in the air as all the daffodils, forsythia, azalea, and spring blooms awakened from their wintery sleep.

I love the transition from winter to spring as much as I love the transition from summer to autumn.

Now if only my allergies weren't killing me!

2.5x3.5 Inches, Pen & Ink on Illustration Board.
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Darkendrama's avatar
Beautiful lady!Love 
QuestingRaven's avatar
Her face is so beautiful and serene ... and such tight line work. :)
Charlemaine's avatar
this will sound slightly odd, but her features kinda remind me of the Buddha. how he is typically drawn or sculpted - with generous shapely lips and a perfectly symmetrical nose and delicately flaring nostrils. the eyes, too; tranquil and expressive at the same time.

fabrics look great. hope the softness comes out in the coloring as well. =)
AngelaSasser's avatar
Actually, not so strange at all. I can see what you're talking about in the expression. I've been a longtime fan of eastern art so I wouldn't be surprised if Buddha worked his way somewhere into my subconscious. I think, also, that particular tilt of the head and expression is very common throughout world art as one representative of peaceful divine beings:nod: I purposefully tried to channel that in this piece.

Color is happening as we speak!
Charlemaine's avatar
awesome. peace be upon you! Gautama Buddha rocks your socks!
keight's avatar
This is going to be really lovely in color, Ang.
AngelaSasser's avatar
Eheh I'm looking forward to coloring it:D But I have to finish a few other things first *pout*
keight's avatar
I'm at the other end of the same boat. *sigh*
AngelaSasser's avatar
Our time will come, hopefully soon!
Malbi88's avatar
very nice...whats an easter tree?
AngelaSasser's avatar
pretty much exactly what it sounds like...a tree you decorate for easter (not unlike a christmas tree at christmas)
Malbi88's avatar
interesting where did such a tradition come from?
AngelaSasser's avatar
I'm not sure entirely. It's just something we always did. It may be a Puerto Rican Catholic thing, as that's how my mom was raised.
Malbi88's avatar
cool. Now a President's day effigy would be wierd.
zananeichan's avatar
Beautifull :-)
I love the way you done her face
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thanks! Her face is my favorite part as well. She came out very classical romanesque.
zananeichan's avatar
Its a pleasure
:hug: you seem to do your faces well :-) and they are pleasing :-)
O.k I see
MrsNox's avatar
Very pretty! =D
StephanieReeves's avatar
Ang! That's a terrible word...pussy willows...tsk tsk.

Now get your butt to coloring it! :p
HiddenRelevance's avatar
Oh that is lovely! Strange, I'm not a fan of yellow either- even though it supposedly looks lovely on me.. who know right?
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