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Forgotten Muse

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For a long while now, I have felt my inspiration fading, lost under so much demand and the leering eye of perpetual criticism. It's a funny feeling to feel that creative force inside of you withering. Time feels so empty, as if I were lost in the dark from one moment to the next with so many ideas fading into obscurity. There's just been no time to nurture that muse, no time to really devote myself to anything I love.

This is probably the first image I've been proud of since Uriel and I still don't think I'll ever create anything to measure up to him again.

However, I don't see this as a monument to the lost, but rather the birth of new opportunities. It is the season of change for me and this will be but the first of what I hope to be many, many pieces of art done because I enjoy it and not because I'm trying to force the art to meet other people's expectations.

Take my advice, don't ever ignore your muse...for she may never return...

11"x14", Micron and Copic Multiliner Pens.
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she is beautifully done. very nice.
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She's one of my personal favorite, even after this many years since I drew her!
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yeah, very beautiful despite being simply black and white.
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Beautiful linework!:heart:
I assumed from the title that you were referring to a muse yet to be (re)discovered--a tenth muse that has been largely erased from mythology but that you seek to re-make. I still don't think there's any reason it can't be that. Uriel is beautiful, but I actually like this better--it's bolder and more elegant. It takes a lot of skill to represent something in strict black and white, without shading, and skill is something you obviously don't lack. I wish you much luck healing and rediscovering your relationship with your muse.
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That's quite a compliment to me that you enjoy this image more than Uriel. He's frequently the most recognized piece from my body of work, while this one is somewhat ignored for it's black and whiteness that just can't compete with all the color.

Thankfully since the inception of this piece, the muse has come and gone and come again as she pleases. This was a point in life that I decided I didn't want to go into commercial graphic art, choosing rather to continue to create pieces for my portfolio that suited me instead of what teachers recommended, which I didn't feel connected with at all.

It was a good move, considering I received a book offer based on that work. I'm glad the muse is still with me today, even if she goes on break sometimes. This I consider normal and healthy. If we're high on inspiration all the time, we can't stop to have a little fun with our work! (and I find that fun often feeds back into inspiration anyways)
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Hi, this has been featured in a News Article here: [link]
Thank you for letting #ArtToBeBought display your work. :)
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Thank you guys for the extra plug! I shall have to explore your group ^_^ Looks like a good place to be!
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Welcome to the group! :)
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I hear you:-) This is lovely.
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This is classic - I love it! :)
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What a beautiful, richly detailed composition. It's well-balanced, the woman is lovely, and the folds of her dress are so delicate! I love that you used black on either side of her. It fits with your inspiration and compliments her dark hair, but it's so unusual for nouveau! This is, in short, teh greatness. :)
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Thank you:) I think I linger somewhere between art deco and nouveau these days, but I'm glad to hear the combination of values is effective!
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This is very beautiful. Natural stance, great elegance, excellent framing. Best wishes to your muse!
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I'm happy to report she's made a return since the inception of this image:)
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I'm a fiction writer but after severe depression, getting fired and other lovely life events, my writing muse (not ability, more like my drive to do it) just ran away from me for about three years. I could coax it into little scenes or toying with stuff but not anything longer. Then I went back into more intensive treatment for the depression and was suddenly wanting to write again. This Sept. a short story book I edited (and have stories in) is being published.
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I am also the kind of artist that cannot work during bouts with depression or when I've been around negative people. My art comes from a place inspired by enthusiasm and my own drive to succeed. I understand how hard it can be to keep that creative urge going when there's a world at odds with what you want to do around you.

I'm happy to hear you were able to recover. Congratulations on your soon to be published work!
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great work:D
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Hmm, feels a lot like how I've been feeling lately. I lost my first Romantic muse thanks to that. :(

On the plus side, they seem to love churning out new stuff, now. :D
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Your work is truly beautiful.
I feel people should just do art for their own sake not any one elses, do what you want, do what you like and if someone else likes it then good, but even if everyone else hates it well thats good too just as long as YOU like it.
Don't let the critics get you down, use them as a guide to improve but don't change just to please them.
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You're absolutely right.:) This is one of those pictures drawn at the beginning of a lull in inspiration and I'm quite happy to report I have nothing but hope and inspiration currently, especially because this is what I want to do for a living and doing what I love comes first. Thank you for commenting:)
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