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Exodus Melakim Character Sketches



I found this old sketch in one of my sketchbooks and thought I'd take a little time out for myself to brush it up. It's my latest try at Melakim Fahre, my shadow hunter. I was trying to get a feel of how he looks when he's doing his shadow conjuring and what that might look like if he went a bit too far.

I'm still trying to nail down a look for him, but it seems he's fitting rather snugly into a Native American inspired style with bone necklaces and feathers.

Next I'm thinking a more simplistic orthographic character sheet. I think I've got the mood down, now it's time to get the specifics and play with different clothing for different terrain and social circumstances.
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First off, let me say that it's very refreshing to see a pencil sketch! So much character design has turned to digital art, but there's nothing like some hand-drawn sketches. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>

Overall, your anatomy looks pretty good. On the top left portrait, the left eye looks just the slightest bit too far to the left, mostly due to the elongated eyebrow.

The outfit design is nice and seems to fit the character very well. I also respond well to the way you've drawn the wings, they look very naturalistic.

I'd definitely like to see some more of these sketches, perhaps with a little more shading and some further defined details.