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Exalted Secret Santa: Tsu-Yin Aasha Hou Kapoor



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Happy Calibration, @minis-sketchbook ! Here’s my art of Tsu-Yin Aasha Hou Kapoor, She Who Knows Ten Thousand Things, for the Exalted Secret Santaexchange for 2016.  It’s my first time participating and I had a blast!  I’m excited to see what my Secret Santa does with my Exalted characters, Kalara and Koh.

In the world of Exalted, the time of Calibration happens during the last 5 days of the year that come between summer and winter.  During this time, Creation is reset and the world is reborn.  It is a liminal time in which the courts of the gods are in chaos and the mortal realm is closer than ever to the spirit realms.  An unfortunate soul might find themselves wandering into the Fey Wylds or in the deserts of the underworld.  Up is down, left is right, and anything can happen!

I also like to think since people don’t travel during this time that they spend the nights telling stories, drinking, and making merry until the world is right again.

So merry Christmas Calibration and to all a raucous night awaiting the Unconquered Sun’s return!

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