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Exalted Chibi Comic: Essence Gathering Temper



I used my Exalted character and my boyfriend's for silly art warmup that resulted in this comic.  We all need to make frivolous art sometimes right?

He's the ninja Night Caste and I'm the gunner Eclipse Caste trying to learn a new skill from him.  This was inspired by the mental image I got when my BF was trying to explain the Essence Gathering Temper Charm to me, since it's now on Kalara's training 'wishlist'.  

I'm not sure anyone but Exalted players will get this, but enjoy the chibi cuteness either way!

The trick is it has to be an unwilling attack for your character to regain Essence. Being poked while meditating is unwilling, right? XD

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I've been playing Exalted since before the 2.5 errata. Not only is this adorable and inspired in its own right, but it also tickles my inner Solar. Please follow your muse, and I eagerly look forward to all future Exalted content. :)