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Exalted Charms 101: Mastery of Small Manners

By AngelaSasser
Another impromptu comic about Charms (or powers) from the Exalted setting from White Wolf/Onyx Path Publishing.  Kalara (in disguise as Koh), demonstrates how Mastery of Small Manners works.

It always amused me that this power increases your Appearance rating. XD

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Pfff, big deal! You want to talk overpowered social characters, I'll show you any 3.5 D&D character that's min-maxed Diplomacy. ;)
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Is that a little D&D envy I'm sensing there? ;)

(Srsly though. I haven't played in ages. I'd be curious to see what they've added!  I always did gravitate towards bards and other socially inclined types.)
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Well, to be fair, Diplomacy (or Persuasion, as it's called now) has been nerfed a TON since 3.5, so now you can't just invest so many ranks in the skill to essentially be a non-magical mind controller.

And in all seriousness, I have been interested in trying out Exalted since the new edition launched recently, so I might buy it sometime once I have enough money to spare.
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Having played D&D and Exalted, I'm having more fun with the latter.  There's just something so gratifying about basically starting out as a character with epic level abilities.  The downside - SO many rules and abilities to sort through during combat!  It's also a challenge for the GM to think of enemies and situations that still give us pause.  It's definitely for the creative GM's who aren't afraid to use the feels against you, since Exalted characters, by design, are meant to break the confines of possibility in the world. 

This has been your morning tabletop rambling!