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Exalted Character Sketch - Koh in Gunslinger Gear



EDIT:  I've actually written a short story (with an audiobook companion) about Kalara since I created this.  Check it out here!

I've been having a lot of fun with my loud mouthed 'Righteous Devil' Eclipse caste character, Kalara!  Koh is the disguise she's traveling under till she can shake those pesky Guild enemies of hers.

Mostly did this for practice with drawing realistic clothing and weaponry.  I tried to think of practical elements, such as the archery wrapping on her fingers (for the occasional times she does archery), powder horn, powder bags on the belt, and holsters for her weapons.

Still to come - proper concept silhouette sheet, a tidier concept drawing, and a prop sheet.

More of Koh:
EXALTED: Kalara Vadras, The Uncrucified 1st Sketch by AngelaSasser
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Looks amazing. Never forget that when diplomacy fails, a bullet to head wins every argument. ;)