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Enchained Wind

By AngelaSasser
See an animated WIP here: [link]

It's easy to say painting this image has been a journey of discovery and patience. This was inspired by one of my dearest friends, =windfalcon. To you, who is only discovering her full potential and breaking the binds of anything that might hold you back in life. Your spirit is and always will inspire. Happy very, very belated birthday, Brenda.

I couldn't have completed this without near constant encouragement and helpful tips from *Zephyri, my digital coloring muse. Brenda is the east, but you are the fiery west wind and yet another special friend. I drew a lot of inspiration from Sam's piece, Colours of the Wind, so go take a look.

Criticism is discouraged for this image as I know there are anatomy errors. I am fully aware of them and have left them the way they are to accentuate the flow of this piece. Feel free to critique anything else though.

Digital coloring in Photoshop 7/CS2+countless hours.
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© 2008 - 2021 AngelaSasser
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Its so beautiful and delicate
Isyll--8's avatar
conceptfox's avatar
I absolutely adore this. Well done!
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This is a very good picture! I especially love the perspective in there!:love:
Hellzeine's avatar
Great job, I love the expression (:
Grandma591's avatar
Gorgeous! I love it!!
euphoricmadness's avatar
Not that I draw at all but how do you make the chains & feathers look like they are glowing?
AngelaSasser's avatar
In this case, it was a layer on top of everything else that I set to Linear Light then used a soft edged 14% opacity brush to lightly color in turquoise over the areas I wanted glowy. It's easy to do digitally:nod:
Rita-Ria's avatar
I think it is WONDERFUL
Greybird007's avatar
*fave'd* ... What anatomy "errors"? Ye GODS, some people are too damned picky with a creation this beautiful.

She's under stress, to put it mildly, yet is keeping her serenity and showing her strength despite her frustration. I rarely see that emotional combination dramatized visually. The mask effectively hides her full expression and adds to the mystery.

I know this piece is somewhat allegorical, but being a wing-nut {grin} I had to wonder where those loose feathers were coming from.

Were they from actual wings or powers she'd had, but which were lost or taken from her? Or just emblematic or suggestive for them?
AngelaSasser's avatar
Oh but she is missing actual creases in her back, arms are too long, hands are slightly clawlike. Though I think artists are always more apt to pick up on their own mistakes.;)

You've really picked up on the intended mood of this piece, with its struggle between quiet acceptance and the longing to be free beneath it all.

The technical answer to your feather question is that in the rough draft (which you can spy here: [link]) She actually did have translucent wings. They got dumped along the way, but I really liked the way the feathers filled out the composition and the symbolism that one might glean from the presence of feathers opposed to the absence of wings. I leave the actual symbolism of that up to the beholder.

Or mayhaps her mask is molting XD
Greybird007's avatar
Thanks for replying and for the link to that several-stages draft. Even translucent wings could have gotten in the way of your theme — with this pose. (You don't know how hard it is for a wing-maven to admit that! ... Ah, well, you might, in light of your gallery.)

A symbolism that isn't fully explained can be more satisfying. I'm not a fan of obscurity used for its own sake, but here it's in the service of her determined bid for freedom.

As for those "mistakes" — doubting that word fits, either — the pose you've chosen largely obviates them. Back creases? Not a real focus, as against her trajectory. Long arms? Radius and ulna are a bit larger than typical human scale, but I've seen them nearly that long. Clawlike? Again, some hands resemble that, such as with some pianists.

Yet this is an allegory. It's not meant to be perfectly "realistic." It's still a human(oid). So I continue to believe you're too hard on yourself.

Not only does this make for more than my usual wordiness, I'm contemplating buying a print!
AngelaSasser's avatar
You'll get no arguments here for buying a print:D
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You know, I'm really suprised that I haven't run into you before, as I watch both Windfalcon and Zephyri.

Love this piece, and it was really interesting to see all the changes it went through!
AngelaSasser's avatar
lol yes we've all three been friends for years now. Funny the connections you grow via this website!

Digital, I find, is teeeerrible about making me realize my mistakes in my undersketching and anatomy. Color in PS (at least for me anyways), just makes even the most subtle anatomy errors become blaring. Glad this image at least impresses, despite my anatomy qualms!
Hira--Akami's avatar
I find that's often the case too... and that nobody notices, lol.
AngelaSasser's avatar
Oh but I would notice and that is enough for me to be compulsive XD
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This Piece has been featured here [link]
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thank you! What a lovely feature:heart:
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i love her tattoos
doranobaka's avatar
Wow. Seriously, wow. Wow. I'm totally dumbstruck. Wow.
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