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EXALTED: Kalara Vadras, The Uncrucified 1st Sketch



EDIT:  I've actually written a short story (with an audiobook companion) about Kalara since I created this bio.  Check it out here!

Hey look! I drew something for FUN!  My friend has started up an Exalted tabletop game and it has rekindled my long forgotten love of roleplaying and character creation. :heart:   

FIRST SKETCH!  I'm looking forward to seeing how this character will evolve over the course of our game!  Right now, she's in disguise with glasses and dyed hair to throw off her pursuers.  She's also attempting to pass herself off as a man named Koh, but I'm not altogether sure she can pull that one off.  We'll see eh?  Let the dice roll!

Character creation side note.  Decided character was in disguise, did not actually put points into a 'disguise' skill.  Hilarity is sure to ensue...

Long Rambling Character Biography

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Born into slavery in the Confederation of Rivers, Kalara's parents died of a plague when she was young.  She was immediately on the auction block, cycling through the ownership of a few abusive and neglectful masters until the age of 12 when she was purchased by an up and coming merchant of The Guild, Arun the Seeker, a hunter of rare antiquities and curiosities, during his travels.  She would travel with him into Nexus, where she was considered part of Guild 'staff' as an estate servant helping with the upkeep of his shops and labs.  'Servant' was just another fancy name for 'slave'.  

She was treated well in his household and often accompanied him to the market on his business dealings where she quietly picked up the basics of the trade.  Kalara even managed to impress Arun by making him aware of the rigged scales of a shady merchant's dealings.  Years later, Arun would eventually adopt her as a daughter, a move which surprised Kalara, who thought she would never have any other life beyond the one she was born into.  She  would learn that Arun's own daughter had died in the very same plague that had taken her parents years ago, the blight knowing no bounds between the rich and the poor.  They would have been the same age.

Kalara was destined for greatness under his care. Her surrogate father nurtured her quick wits and fondness for business with a good education, even helping her to become an initiate into The Guild.  Kalara and her father had many adventures in her teens hunting down strange artifacts, Arun instilling in her his love of new technologies and innovations.  In her early 20's, she was named heir apparent to his household and began rallying for the abolition of slavery within The Guild.  Despite having been a supporter of slavery in the past, Arun's relationship with his surrogate daughter enlightened him, Arun abolishing the practice within his own firm and instituting the first trade reforms The Guild would see.

When Arun passed away of natural causes (or so Kalara thought!), she became the official leader of his faction. However, she was blindsided by the call for her execution for the crime of poisoning her own father in order to ascend to his position, a crime perpetuated in reality by hired assassins who made his death look like a natural one to the untrained eye.  She was hastily taken to execution without a trial thanks to powerful dissenters in The Guild.  Adding insult to injury, they took her to be crucified in front of the slave market.

She thought she would die that day when they drove the first nail through her hand.  Instead, a vision of the Unconquered Sun blessed her with a glimpse of an ancient past and a fated future. She was not meant to die this day!  The chains binding her arms turned white with heat and melted away, as did the stake nailed through her hand.  An eclipse darkened the sky and all who bore witness knew the eyes of Heaven were looking down on them that day and they knew this punishment to be unjust.  The executioner was too awed and frightened to continue and Kalara simply walked away, the crowds parting to let her pass.  

They still tell tales in Nexus of her execution, quiet whispers of Kalara the Uncrucified.  Some call her a murderer while others have dubbed her the Saint of Merchants and Slaves.  She carries the scar of her near-crucifixion in her left hand to this day.And so her epic adventures begin.  She has a Guild to exact vengeance on and an entire world to reform!

More of Kalara:
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