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Dreaming Butterfly II

EDIT: Changed a bunch of 'little' things, including altering the color of her hair and showing off more of that Elf ear. Check out the old version here for comparison.

Painted digitally with Photoshop CS6 and a Cintiq 12WX.

Prints available! -

Sketch Diary (with inspiration, photo refs, etc.) -…
Step by Step at WiPNation -…
My entry for the "Draw This Again Contest" and a personal milestone for me. I'm heading into a new direction with my art with a new dedication to pursuing my passions.

This image is much like the original version I did 10 years ago (my goodness has it been that long??). At first, you might look and think how beautiful she is, but then, if you look closer, you might notice otherwise. It always astounded me how so many people missed the blood droplets in the original image because they were too concerned with the butterfly and the pretty Elf and missed the bigger picture.

Eventually, I'll do a proper painting of Aurora looking like the actual foul-mouthed, ill-tempered, Yakuza Elf that she is, but I imagine this to be a rather forced peaceful moment. Perhaps a glimpse into her inner psyche? Grasping that last bit of innocence and sanity? If you're curious to find out more about her story, you should go read Aurora's comic to find out more.

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I love this.
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Featured in my latest journal [link] . :heart:
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Wonderful! Thanks for featuring me alongside so much cool stuff.:)
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wow this is stunning :love: :clap:
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Thanks! Having photo reference really helped get this to that point of realism I was aiming for. Glad you enjoyed it.:)
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Indeed.. its without a doubt my all time favorite of yours :love:
All your hard work really paid off :clap: :+favlove:
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You've rocked this one, Ang.
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Keep it up. One of your best works to date.
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Absolutely brilliant, I love this so much!! :iconiloveitplz:
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I think the composition actually drew my eyes to the blood on her belly quite instantaneously. Her tattoos and the red butterfly under her belt all seem to point towards it. Not sure if that was planned or not.

The original version seemed to all draw attention to the butterfly on her forehead.

I really enjoyed seeing the progress of this version, well done! =)
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Oddly the placement of butterflies wasn't planned, but rather fell into place. I'll have to make time to upload the process video I recorded so people can see just how much this changed before it arrived at this final process. Even the little wip dev doesn't show that too clearly. Glad you enjoyed the progress and the final piece! It's been a real learning experience.:)
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Oh, very well done, Ang!! :hug: As a friend told me about my entry; it's like night and day. She's going to be sticky when she gets up. :D ( Spoken from experience. )
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Ho dear. You have experience lying in bloodsoaked origami butterflies? Now that is a story I'm curious to hear. XD I just saw your entry as well and left a comment. Hooray for memes making us productive!
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:D I only wish; that sounds so prosaic compared to life at our house! This is the short version. When our fearless middle kiddle began tagging after her big brother who was the cautious kid; the 5 year gap between them meant that, as a one car family, daddy's job as an ICU nurse at a local medical center wasn't the only reason we spent time down there. It got so bad, before her other medical issues started in middle school, that she got the nickname of "Stitch", and jokes were made about the revolving door in the ER dedicated in her honor. Yes, I told one of her nurses once that I was concerned about charges of child abuse. She shook her head laughing in a M*A*S*H* sort of way, and assured me that it was obvious the kid's injuries were pretty much self inflicted. Yeah, my hubby used to say I was EMT qualified, our kids only. This is only the beginning of the reason I just packed up my studio supplies for a bit over 10 years. The black and white version of "Balance" [link] was my "I'm back" commission.
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Very well done and the shadowing is amazing. Yes, I did miss the blood droplets until you mentioned it. Most people don't really get the "bigger picture" unless it's pointed out. What is the significance of the blood droplets? Are they symbolic? What is it supposed to say? Still amazing pic and a great use of the reds and butterfly shapes. :thanks:
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Usually I let people make their own guesses to the symbolism, but this one definitely has a specific story to it. She's a killer for hire for the Yakuza and has her own checkered past to deal with that hasn't quite left her in the best mental state. It's a story I'd eventually like to come back to in the form of a web comic so perhaps maybe more people might get the symbolism rather than those who grew up playing Shadowrun games with me, where I used to rp her.:nod:

There is an older version of her story up over at #flawedbutterfly if you were morbidly curious! Beware it is so dated by now. Must make NEW stories sometime!
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