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Dreaming Butterfly II


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EDIT: Changed a bunch of 'little' things, including altering the color of her hair and showing off more of that Elf ear. Check out the old version here for comparison.

Painted digitally with Photoshop CS6 and a Cintiq 12WX.

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My entry for the "Draw This Again Contest" and a personal milestone for me. I'm heading into a new direction with my art with a new dedication to pursuing my passions.

This image is much like the original version I did 10 years ago (my goodness has it been that long??). At first, you might look and think how beautiful she is, but then, if you look closer, you might notice otherwise. It always astounded me how so many people missed the blood droplets in the original image because they were too concerned with the butterfly and the pretty Elf and missed the bigger picture.

Eventually, I'll do a proper painting of Aurora looking like the actual foul-mouthed, ill-tempered, Yakuza Elf that she is, but I imagine this to be a rather forced peaceful moment. Perhaps a glimpse into her inner psyche? Grasping that last bit of innocence and sanity? If you're curious to find out more about her story, you should go read Aurora's comic to find out more.

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Beautiful piece, I love the lighting and the mood!