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Dreaming Butterfly

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Was I simply a woman dreaming she was a butterfly...
or a butterfly dreaming she was dead...

Originally inspired by my Shadowrun character, I've been moving Aurora Adonai's story towards a world of my own creation these days. This was to be a prospective comic cover for her comic, but it's due for a major rewrite/redraw.
6x9 in., Color Pencil.

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Uranus-seventhsun's avatar
I like the surrealistic vibe and the grey contrasting with the rich crimson. Beautiful.
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thank you! It's a color scheme I need to revisit with this character sometime.:)
HELMUTTT's avatar
great job on the colored pencils !
AngelaSasser's avatar
Thanks! I don't think I've ever been able to get pencils to behave for me as well as they did for this piece. That'll teach me to not write down what experimental processes I used. Did something different here. Wish I remembered what that was!
HELMUTTT's avatar
you must have been inspired. sometimes I paint something and at the end don t really know how I did it. it just happened. art is strange that way, like music. you have to feel it and let it flow. man I just sounded like yoda.

AngelaSasser's avatar
ahaha inspired or too old to remember.:D I aspire to have Yoda as my GPS voice one day so that is not a bad comparison for me!
zananeichan's avatar
I still love this :heart: :hug: :love:
sombrefeline's avatar
Nice design and coloring :)
sevindy0's avatar
amazing! you can already tell her past is quite interesting :)
AngelaSasser's avatar
If you're curious about it, I've just rewritten and updated the Artist's Comment with a link to her first story as well as brushing it up a bit. I forgot how old and inelegant my description was!
Charlemaine's avatar
beautiful and terribly haunting. this is one novel cover that's just...made. i mean, it's perfect and already gives so much richness to the story concept; magnetic and irresistible. (and her red hair forming streaks of blooooooord...i like i like)

if i actually came across smthing like that in the graphic novel section of a bookstore, i'd wanna molest it; it's that good. and i'm not even a graphic novel kinda person. (altho i could's just that they are terribly expensive here. which is smwhat discouraging. they also aren't available at 2nd-hand stores much, unlike regular novels.)
AngelaSasser's avatar
Aah now if I can just get motivated to write her story out. I keep redoing it and redoing it in my head. Fft!
Charlemaine's avatar
i knoooowwww.... -___- I have all sorts of cool ideas, & the Great Procrastinator in mah head never gets round to the fleshing-out stage.
centaurii's avatar
Love the eyes!
MrsNox's avatar
:love: It's so beautiful!!! ^0^
Charrcole's avatar
Creepy, but totally cool!! Love the butterfly on her head!
CanRay's avatar
Hard to tell where the butterfly ends and the tattoos begin.

And is that blood around her?
AngelaSasser's avatar
Yes it's intentionally ambiguous whether she is dead or alive and the parallel between the tattoo and butterfly. I'm glad you enjoyed this^^
CanRay's avatar
Well, I doubt she's dead. ;P
baba49's avatar
Awesome, expressive image :clap: I feature this in my new journal.
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