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Lady of September by AngelaSasser 

The Lady of September bears the Morning Glory and dons the stone of Sapphire. The Morning Glory represents the mortality of life, while the Sapphire will bring her balance.  She ushers in a time of introspection.

10x20 inches, watercolors and ink on Arches hot press paper with 23k gold leafing in the letters.

After much ado, the Lady of September has arrived!  This long awaited Lady represents September's relationship with the Autumnal Equinox.  During this time when the night and the day are equal, we are granted the chance to to acknowledge our faults and achieve new balance between our dark and light selves.  

The Lady of September acts as a fulcrum, providing guidance and reflection into both sides of ourselves, encouraging us towards that which helps us achieve the most balance.

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