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DCon Diary 09: Matting Madness

By AngelaSasser
The vlog edition in a series of diary entries I'm doing to document my progress as I prepare for this year's Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia.

This year's convention will be the first time I have manned a table in the artist's alley, filled a large bay full of art, and generally made it a serious business matter instead of a hobby. I thought it might be interesting to document my progress as an artist attempting to start their own business and to experience the wonderful wide world of art fairs and conventions. Maybe we can learn a little something together?

More vlogs of the convention days will no doubt follow this one, along with a continuation of my previous video tutorials on color pencils and the like.

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    StephanieReeves's avatar
    Y'know, it's kind of an unfair bet to make because you're clearly already insane by the narrating of this vlog. :P

    You had BETTER take some damned pictures of your set up at DCon or I will be severely unhappy with you :XD: I wanna see how it all looks when put together and set up! Wish I could go ;_;
    vickyjane's avatar
    That was amusing, hahaha... I would never mat that much. I refuse to put myself through the torture. xD At least you can charge a little more for the emotional (and maybe physical) scarring that this caused! :D
    murdoc01's avatar
    oh dear. that's a lot of matting. huh, you're living room looks a little different. new furniture?
    AngelaSasser's avatar
    We converted out outdoor deck into a sun room so our house is a lot more spacious now!
    murdoc01's avatar
    oh that's cool!
    keight's avatar
    In times like this, Logan mat cutters, lots of pencils, a good ruler, and a stable table are your best friends. (That doesnt even include Clear Bags, and artist's tape.) :D Go get 'em, Ange!
    AngelaSasser's avatar
    oh you better believe Logan and his accessories are my best friends right now XD

    Not to be confused with Logan from X-men, cuz that's the mental image I just got O_o *imagines Wolvering mat cutting with his claws*
    keight's avatar
    Triple mats with one stroke per side by varying the length of the claws? *geek, geek, geek*
    AngelaSasser's avatar
    ahah I totally have to draw that now XD
    swampfaerie's avatar
    Sounds like you have your hands busy for a while...just make sure you don't let them dismember from your arms...or worse...cut them off by accident :fear:
    AngelaSasser's avatar
    ahaha I've escaped mat cutting with just a few cuts on the knuckles so I'm fine XD No dismemberment yet!
    MarthaPArt's avatar
    good that's a lot of matting.....i suck at matting
    AngelaSasser's avatar
    I do too and have only gotten better after a lot of practice! I'll probably put up a video tut sometime with some tips about how I improved and the mistakes I made along the way.
    MarthaPArt's avatar
    oh that's problem is I can't seem to cut a straight line to save my life even with a ruler, yard stick, T square, and the matt cutting blade -.-
    AngelaSasser's avatar
    Hahah well the guide on the mat cutter is especially helpful. As is a sharp blade! I know I used to never change my blade, which resulted in crooked lines or ragged edges. Once that starts to happen, it's imperative that you change the blade (and also don't have one of those vinyl or rubber mats underneath as a slip mat, as these dull your blades VERY quickly).
    MarthaPArt's avatar
    what should you have underneath then? and how do you do the math when it comes to measuring the outer and inner part of the mat.
    AngelaSasser's avatar
    I've used scrap pieces of illustration board or mat board as a slip mat before and they work muuch better than anything rubber or vinyl.

    As for the math, I cheat somewhat in that I don't do approximate measurements, but rather I pretty much think in quarters of an inch. I'll center the picture on the piece of mat board and measure from the edge, then add a quarter of an inch border to that measurement rounded to the nearest quarter. I always design my prints with a bleed border to allow it to be held in the mat more snugly.

    It's a little hard to describe in writing, so I really will have to get off my bum and do a video. I may not be the best at it, but I'm decent enough to show someone else after all this matted crap for the show, I suppose XD
    MarthaPArt's avatar
    ah okay well i hope you do the video soon....I really need to get better at it, I plan to enter the student show at my school in April of next year so I need to get ready for that ^_^
    AngelaSasser's avatar
    That may be doable:) Anything in particular you want to know about?
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    GuardianofGates's avatar
    wow ^^.. Id love to take them all and keep them! awesome work *nod*
    pitty your not at the aninite.. love to see those stuff in real.. but dont go gaga..^keep it on
    AngelaSasser's avatar
    Where's aninite at? I've never heard of that one:)
    skiesofchaos's avatar
    Quite a marvelous bit of Con Culture, the preparing of the Sacred Mats for sacrifice to the Gods of The Con :D
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