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DCon Diary 09: Matting Madness



The vlog edition in a series of diary entries I'm doing to document my progress as I prepare for this year's Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia.

This year's convention will be the first time I have manned a table in the artist's alley, filled a large bay full of art, and generally made it a serious business matter instead of a hobby. I thought it might be interesting to document my progress as an artist attempting to start their own business and to experience the wonderful wide world of art fairs and conventions. Maybe we can learn a little something together?

More vlogs of the convention days will no doubt follow this one, along with a continuation of my previous video tutorials on color pencils and the like.

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    Y'know, it's kind of an unfair bet to make because you're clearly already insane by the narrating of this vlog. :P

    You had BETTER take some damned pictures of your set up at DCon or I will be severely unhappy with you :XD: I wanna see how it all looks when put together and set up! Wish I could go ;_;