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Concept Warmup - Female Melakim Fahre

Here we have some VERY early stages of development on a concept I'm working on for a personal project - a hunter of supernatural creatures, Melakim Fahre, from a medieval era fantasy setting. She typically hunts in the mountain woods on an untamed frontier and is skilled not just in hunting creatures, but in wild game as well..

Some of you might remember when SHE was a HE. I've been playing around with a gender swap to some interesting effects, storywise. We'll see if it sticks.

To the left, these are basic 'getting to know you' doodles trying to nail down the character's facial type (There are two sets, so technically there are only two facial types here). I'm a fan of the bottom set, who looks more like the tough as nails gal who could survive in the forest alone and on the streets as a kid. The top face seems almost too frail and too generic.

If her right eye looks funny, it is because it was injured in an attack in which it was pushed in by someone's fingers, leaving it scarred and blind (I imagine she would usually have it covered by a patch of some sort). I'm struggling with how to depict this type of injury, as it just makes the face look 'wrong' rather than 'injured', or if I should go more 'theatrical' by giving her actual scarification in this area.

On the right are several silhouettes I did with a large brush pen so I could keep them simple and iconic. Playing around with a number of hunter looks, though it seems to have gone 'ninja' somewhere in the middle. I'm fond of the number 10, the 'antler stalker' look, and of 12, for the 'street' look.

NEXT UP: More refining of silhouettes and details digitally!

What face set and silhouettes stand out to you? Know any good references for pre-gunpowder/medieval era hunters? Do share in comments!

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Interesting concept. Typical weapons for that era hunter would be a bow, maybe a spear, boar spears had a cross bar to prevent the animal from charging up the shaft. A falcheon or short curved sword was used to dispatch wounded animals.
Questions: What's her motivation? Are the creatures she hunts a danger, or is there a market for them or their produces (ie: furs, teeth, etc)
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As of now, she typically hunts with bow and arrow, the arrows being of various metals suited to the weaknesses of the particular creature she's hunting. It's good food for thought to think of what she might need for those 'up close and personal' moments where she would have to dispatch something directly. I'll have to think of all the belts and things she would need to carry these types of tools.

Her motivation for being a Hunter is to protect everyday people from being killed by creatures who are deemed dangerous to the public good because they either spread mystic diseases (such as vampirism) or are man eaters living too close to human settlements. She is a particular type of specialist who deals with 'supernatural' threats, moreso than your usual plague outbreaks,highwaymen, or your average rogue apex predator that any simple huntsman could handle. She only takes payment if it is offered, however, unlike most Hunters who can be greedy or who may turn mercenary and hunt people as well as creatures to help line their pockets.

That was maybe a little too much info, but I enjoyed the chance to ramble character stuff.:)
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1, 3, 6, 8, and 11 stand out to me. Sorry, don't know much about pre-gunpowder era hunters. Still, very interesting.