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Chou no Oni

I really, REALLY need to draw more pictures of Aurora being violent. I've drawn far too many pretty pictures of her lately. It takes special persuasion to get her into anything remotely like this geisha outfit here.

Aurora always said that she got her cyberware horns, fangs, and claws to help her outer self match her inner self.

8.5"x11", Mechanical Pencil.

Aurora Adonai, cyber-elf in geisha getup © Angela Sasser (=ladydove7)

:iconflawedbutterfly: - An Aurora Fan Club
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© 2007 - 2021 AngelaSasser
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Hm. I cant understand - on some pictures she with horns, but not on all оО she can hide them?
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Yes she can hide them. They are actually made of metal and are cybernetic additions she had added to make herself more demonic looking. She views herself as a 'demon' and looks this way in her own mind. It's more like her 'real' face, if she had the power to make herself look this way in real life.
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This is so lovely. :heart: Is it too late to be encouraging you to color it? >.>
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I've been planning on coloring this for a year nowXD I'm thinking of doing it in the same style as Silverstrand with the texture pattern layers done digitally.
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I think that would be terribly loveyly, and I eagerly look forward to seeing it. :)
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WOW!!! I do believe this is my favorite of your work... that i have seen thus far. :D I JUST LOVE HER HAND!!! WOW!!! IT'S JUST TOOO GORGEOUS!!! And her face and anatomy is sSOOOOO well done, i can't stop lookin at the pic. GREAT JOB!!! :dance:
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Simply beautiful linework... *sighs* (And I LOVE those claws!)
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Very _nice_ Ang. The lines on that kimono are great! The whole piece has a decidedly deco feel about it, and I love it! Absolutely gorgeous work : )
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Thanks! I was a little nervous about my kimono structure and obi being totally off since I didn't use a reference, but I'm glad it's either unnoticeable or distracting with all the prettiesXD I didn't even realize I was doing deco style. Nice comparison! Now I know what Steph's mom meant by saying I was the 'art deco' artist of the group.
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Your detail work on this image is stunning.
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I was trying to keep it simple...but then got carried away. Damned addictive butterfliesXD
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I love the flowing vertical lines of this piece; she's like a waterfall. a silken deadly waterfall. ;P

beautiful comeback of the dashing Aurora Adonai! In the next segment she rips off her kimono to reveal tight leather armour, kick-ass studdec boots and nunchaks! :D or maybe a morningstar? i love morningstars.
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Ohhh "Silken deadly waterfall".. I love that. LMAO and I love the bursting out of it in leather armor even moreXD I can see Aury with a morningstar if she lost her katana. It's big heavy ability to bash would be quite appealing.
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I like the smaller horns behind the main set and the general antelope style to the horns
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With those claws of hers, who ties her in? That would be one brave assistant.
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A brave assistant indeed! For some reason, I get the mental image of Aury using Disney princess powers and having sparrows tying her in...but such mental images scare me to no end.
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Hah, looks to me like she's planning on maiming whoever DID convince her to get into that outfit. :giggle:
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OH man.. that's stinking gorgeous!

I'm not sure I want to know what kinda persuasion it took to get her in that getup though.. especially considering half of her pics she's barely dressed!!! All those pounds of kimono would be a pain in the butt...

Awesome to see her with all her horns and claws finally.. tis stunning my dear!
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The lines in this are crazy good :x. I am really excited to see everyone improving since I been gone. :o I was curious.... is anyone allowed to color this?
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Sure I wouldn't mind seeing what you do with this. You can find a colored piccy of Aurora here: [link]
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beautiful. i absolutely love this.
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Thanks! I'm rather proud of it considering it was just a random whim.
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you're welcome ^_^ heck, if i drew that on a whim, id be extremely proud XD
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