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Character Sketches: Koh aka Kalara The Uncrucified



With The Uncrucified fanfic/podfic in full swing right now, I figured I'd share the full version of this sketch sheet of Kalara Vadras.  She's pictured here as both herself (on the right) and in disguise as Koh (on the left). She's a Righteous Devil practitioner, a dangerous art she inherited from her soul shard's past life that makes her faster than lightning with guns.  Inspired by the Eclipse Caste I run in an Exalted game with friends.

More of Kalara:
The Uncrucified by AngelaSasser EXALTED: Kalara Vadras, The Uncrucified 1st Sketch by AngelaSasser  Exalted Character Sketch - Koh in Gunslinger Gear by AngelaSasser

More rambling about this character and my creative process at the vid:

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