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Character Sketch-Melakim Fahre



Base character sketch for my half-angel, Melakim Fahre, whom I use for ~Tenebra-club. Every once in awhile, I like to revamp sketches of characters to see how they've evolved and how I've gotten more comfortable with them. Yes I know "Where are the goodies? Angela? I wanna see some goooodiiies!" Well, sorry folks, I was either lazy, or just plain didn't want to have to mark my character sketches as Mature. He looks soo.....emasculated though without goodies. I assure you, Mae IS very male....very very male.

Yes...character information>_> Instead of wings, he has an aura of shadowy wings that work somewhat like normal wings. They're normally only visible if he's manifesting them. Again, I went with 'nude' so you could see the body type and the extensive burn scarring from his fight with a fire angel. I'll be inking this soon as well as doing a weapon/wardrobe study.
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Ahaha X3! Poor no goodies Mae. You can have full frontal just so long as it's not erect! Doesn't even have to be marked mature. You know you wanna draw Mae goodies. X3!! Aw but he's a cutie! Ink it now damn it! X3! ~~<333