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Character Sketch-Aurora Adonai

A base sketch for Aurora Adonai, my Elven street samurai from an old Shadowrun rpg I used to play. She was one of the first characters of mine I really got attached to. Drawing her again was soo much fun, even if I had to use old pictures to get her tattoos right. Ah so fun! She looks so different in my current style. I left her 'nude' because I wanted to show the body type and tattoos clearly.

Yup! That's right, Aury is a cyborg! She has wires in her nervous system, retractable metal claws, fangs, and horns, a camera in her eye, cybernetic eyes (thus the reason the whites of her eyes are blue), and *GASP* part of her ears are fake as well as she has enhanced hearing.

Will be doing more character reference sheets like this so look out! Will be doing a weapons/wardrobe sheet as well.

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Old chars...they are so...old chars XD
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Would've never thought she was a cyborg... *flabberghasted*
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yup yup! Aury is a cyborg! Most of it is internal or retractable though. It's hard to tell in any of my pieces, but she has a very slight metallic weave to her skin from dermal armor (thats metal interwoven into her skin)'s sad to think that not even her ears are real (well for the most part)....they're her pride in being an elf. *protects them with muffs*
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that story you wrote that goes along with the character is so amazing!!

i just wish i still had a link to it.... could ya send it??

and after seeing your picture, i was like 'oooh so thats what the horns looked like'

great job!
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I had the story up here on DA, but the updates made all these funky symbols appear in it, so I'm not recommending trying to decipher it. I'm definitely going to have to work and get it cleaned up soon.

However, I've been rewriting her story so you can find the newer version of her here:
Jade Tears-Serenade

Nowhere near complete..but a taste of what's to come, at least^^
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very nice lots of detail i like it
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ROCK ON!!! you did do more of her! i really do like this character of yours. you've got the seal :tux: keep up the good work, i be waitin' for each to come
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:clap: I've seen her before, but never this particular sketch...
I always like seeing these though :) adds to the character somehow knowing a little background.
Very cool.
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Er, that should have been "on the right" sorry @_@
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Aurora is so sexy *__*

I love all the little gadgets and extras ^_^ You can draw the female body so good @_@ I wanna be able to do that. *vows to take figure drawing classes* All the tattoos and little details are so...exquisite. A lovely line drawing ^_^ I particulary like the pencil drawing of Aurora, on the left, with the contemplative face.

And I STILL have to finish your Aurora in a kimono pic!!! *vows!*
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ooh she has even more gadgets like guns, katanas, batons...she's a weapons junkie^^ Figure drawing classes are sooo helpful since you can actually see what you're trying to draw, as in live models work SOO much better than 2D. Theyre living, breathing people and there's no better way to get a sense of bone and structure than to be able to experience that yourself.

buuut I also had a really awesome book for that class, this one to be exact:
[link]=p d_ka_2/102-9377053-4169723?v=glance& s=books&n=507846

Check it out! I highly recommend it. It has lots of photos of people in positions and lots of handy charts of the different layers of muscles in the human body.

Ooo...Aury in kimono :drool:
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This is really beautiful. Very nice drawing :)
I espetially like the part where the face is seen in profile.
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I like the details you have for her.. very cool design for a character, I must say.
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