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Character Sketch-Aurora Adonai



A base sketch for Aurora Adonai, my Elven street samurai from an old Shadowrun rpg I used to play. She was one of the first characters of mine I really got attached to. Drawing her again was soo much fun, even if I had to use old pictures to get her tattoos right. Ah so fun! She looks so different in my current style. I left her 'nude' because I wanted to show the body type and tattoos clearly.

Yup! That's right, Aury is a cyborg! She has wires in her nervous system, retractable metal claws, fangs, and horns, a camera in her eye, cybernetic eyes (thus the reason the whites of her eyes are blue), and *GASP* part of her ears are fake as well as she has enhanced hearing.

Will be doing more character reference sheets like this so look out! Will be doing a weapons/wardrobe sheet as well.

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Old chars...they are so...old chars XD