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Character Sheet - Kalara Vadras [Basic]



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EDIT:  Updated the text box for more succinct text and added a tag to the bottom with project info.

This year's Exalted Secret Santa art exchange was just the incentive I needed to finish Kalara's character reference sheet!  I roleplay and write about this gal in the Exalted tabletop setting from Onyx Path Publishing.  But we're not finished yet!  I still need to do separate sheets for her expressions, wardrobe, equipment, etc. :crazy:

Character Introduction:

Once a former slave, Kalara Vadras rose from obscurity to defy the very Guild that once freed her from a brutal life.  The day they tried to crucify her is the day they sealed their fates, the day the power of the Unconquered Sun came to her.

Those who witnessed her near-execution have dubbed her The Uncrucified, a wanted murderer or a Patron Saint of Slaves, depending on who you talk to. Now, she seeks revenge against the Guild and the abolishment of slavery throughout Creation through  any means necessary.

Find out more about Kalara at her full bio!

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