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Broken Chains

By AngelaSasser

"I can't live this way. "

"Killing in the name of a liar, suffering in the name of a father...breathing for nothing more than a moment's peace. If I could break these chains, I'd do it with more than my hands...If I had wings...I'd let them take me where I can't see this world and all of its a place of purity."

Pardon that bit of angstXD Just my half-angel, Melakim looking mean. He's really a nice guy, honest! He just needs a good swift, kick in the butt sometimes before he realizes what he has. I wanted to show off those non-existent wings of his with this pic. He doesn't have wings, per say. They're made of shadow and only really exist as part of his aura (the spiritual presence around his body). I'm hoping one day he'll learn how to actually use them. Scattered around his feet lie the feathers of the angels he killed as a young Hunter, the orange feathers belonging to the fire angel which killed his serrogate father, Cien, who turned out to be nothing more than a demon raising a mortal child for the amusement. That's the very same fire angel who gave him those scars, as well. I'm feeling writerish so you might actually see a story involving this guy soon.

He's actually my rpg character for ~Tenebra-club. Go check it out if you want to find out more about the world of Tenebra and the other characters there. (They are not open for joining, though.)

11"x14". Prismacolor Marker and Prismacolor Color Pencil. 14 hours (equivalent to 2 weeks of lunch hours and work shifts and a day off.)
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What liar is he referring to?
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Oh man woow this is such an old piece of art with an oold story. The quote refers to his 'father', or the Hunter that adopted him, who turned out to be a demon in disguise that just raised him for amusement. Needless to say, he wasn't a happy camper.
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Ah. Interesting.
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he just needs a hug =)
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Love the composition on this one. I'm a sucker for near-symmetrical compositions.
AngelaSasser's avatar
Same here, there's just something primal and mystical about them. Makes for great tarot card composition...though sometimes I feel I lack that new fangled dynamism they want for the rpg style art I'd like to do XD
Hira--Akami's avatar
Yeah, in school they're all like "symmetrical compositions are bad!!!" and I'm like, "bullsh*t."
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you've been featured here [link]
AngelaSasser's avatar
Hey that's awesome! Though I think perhaps you have me mixed up with *windfalcon? Her stuff is on there but mine's notXD Either way, thanks for the sentiment:)
MarthaPArt's avatar
it's there it might be the journal coding messing up
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I'm really liking the musculature on this piece. It's very well toned and anatomically fitting. Very nice job!
Digitalflattery's avatar
Very very great! Love the story as well as the art!!!
allthatisme's avatar
bloody impressive, I gotta say! =) very nice.
Al0neinthedark's avatar
oh!!! my i luv this one....anything just angels

me likes mostly the hair strands and texture
this one is a deservinr +fav
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The subtle variety of colors in his wings is really great, it makes them seem very... transient, I suppose, rather than something concrete. The textures in this are great, particularly on the sword, it gives it a real solid feel and a sense of uniqueness ^_^

I don't think my comments are making any sense any more, maybe I should stop? XD
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melikem i so uber badass!!! i love the pix. the wings are my fav. :tux:
windfalcon's avatar
With my new Tenebra obsession, I can't help but go "oooooooooooooooh" to this. You really do have an amazing talent for poses, composition, and just general cool-artness. (*cheers her excellent vocabulary*) His wings really have that shadow look to them, not to mention that awesome glowy look to them. His face looks so angry, yet repenting. And those feathers...I LOVE those feathers, especially the binding holding the quills together. You got such detail in...*marvels* How do you get the hair *__* remarkable.

*...stuffs Mae in her lunchbox for later* XD
AngelaSasser's avatar
weeee obssessssiooon! I really had alot of fun trying to come up with this pose using my little naked plastic man. The angle of the legs were especially challenging since they're in the middle of being pulled up to his chestX_X Anyhoo..I'm glad he looks angry and not pouting. I'd still like to draw him standing and flaring those wingies looking all evil and triumphant *beams*

When it comes to hair? I draw it in sections and then fill each one in making sure to not be too comic book highlight with it since natural hair really doesnt have strong highlights. For this picture in particular, I just laid down a layer of crimson red over all of his hair, the a layer of tuscan red, then shadows of black, a midtone of tuscan red, aaand blended it all together by accentuating the highlights with white. THEN after that, I went over the partitions of the hair with black and crimson red to make sure the strands stand out so it doesnt look like he has a solid mass of hair. Another tip, keep your pencil lead sharp at all times..that way you can put that really fine texture in the strands by the way you color..almost like brushtrokes cept it's pencil strokes^^

lol....lunchbox? Does this mean you're going to eat him later?>_>

<_<....that sounds so wrong..but that's the first question that popped to mindXD *thwaps with a newspaper
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Oh my gosh, the shading in this is just fantastic. The anatomy, the foreshortening... everything! I really like the colours you added in the wings, and how they really frame his figure. The effort you put into this piece is clearly evident, and I must applaud your overall craftsmanship. (Damn, if I had money/Paypal, I'd totally buy a print of this.)
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Wowzerz! This is just stunning!! The so fabulous!! The muscles, wings, sword, wrinkles, everything just so extremely detailed! I luv the theme behind it too and how he's sittin like that. ;3 Esp amazing job with the markers and pencils combined! The shading is soft and seamless! Very amazing job! :thumbsup: 14 hours...WOW. XD
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