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Broken Chains




"I can't live this way. "

"Killing in the name of a liar, suffering in the name of a father...breathing for nothing more than a moment's peace. If I could break these chains, I'd do it with more than my hands...If I had wings...I'd let them take me where I can't see this world and all of its a place of purity."

Pardon that bit of angstXD Just my half-angel, Melakim looking mean. He's really a nice guy, honest! He just needs a good swift, kick in the butt sometimes before he realizes what he has. I wanted to show off those non-existent wings of his with this pic. He doesn't have wings, per say. They're made of shadow and only really exist as part of his aura (the spiritual presence around his body). I'm hoping one day he'll learn how to actually use them. Scattered around his feet lie the feathers of the angels he killed as a young Hunter, the orange feathers belonging to the fire angel which killed his serrogate father, Cien, who turned out to be nothing more than a demon raising a mortal child for the amusement. That's the very same fire angel who gave him those scars, as well. I'm feeling writerish so you might actually see a story involving this guy soon.

He's actually my rpg character for ~Tenebra-club. Go check it out if you want to find out more about the world of Tenebra and the other characters there. (They are not open for joining, though.)

11"x14". Prismacolor Marker and Prismacolor Color Pencil. 14 hours (equivalent to 2 weeks of lunch hours and work shifts and a day off.)
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What liar is he referring to?