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Book of the Umbra -Promo-

The barren shores of McAmal loom in the distance as Ncon and his loved ones survive a rough landing on the dark island's shores. But who is destined to survive the journey and who is not? This is a trip the assassin Ncon has sworn to take alone, but those drawn to him by deeper bonds will not give up so easily.

They are the Umbra and their bonds will be tested.

Prismacolor color pencil on slick illustration board. About 5 months work (on and off).

For updates on this project, watch Blacksent here on DA.

Ncon, Figment, Tala, Oug, Zandor and all Blacksent related characters © Michael A LaFlamme and Michael D. Poe
Art © Angela Sasser aka. ladydove7
Model for Ncon-Emerald-Knight
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Greetings once more dear Lady.
Some old and new stuff about Blacksent can be found on my site as well. The map is a work in progress. It has the Northern Continate with most of the State/Countries on it. Major cites, waterway and places of interest are yet to com. Mike has asked me to do this updated version. He has an old one on his DA.
As for getting a chance to look over the old Books? I believe there has been alot of changes since then. We are redoing the Time line and creating new characters. But if you realllly are interested I'll talk to Figment to see if he has any back issues hidden. Then get N'Con to send them out to you.
Blessed Be
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I so can't wait to buy this book, if only so I can show it off and be like, "See this cover art? I know the person who did it and SHE IS AWESOME and you need to buy this book to support her awesomeness." Or something. XD; (I pro'lly ought to lay off the caffeine...)
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aww thanks! To be sure I'll be pimping it out when it's up for sale! I'm sooo exciited*_*

I just hope it'll be noticeable next to all the other fantasy books. There are so many out there, but I like to think something that's not oil /acrylic paint and not photomanipped will have a better chance of standing out.
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Oh, I don't think you have to worry about it being noticable. Your art is beautiful, it'll definitely catch more than a few eyes.
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Whoa. Very awesome book cover. I'd buy the book. =)

If i had money ^^;
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Perhaps one will...and me and the Blacksent books will be there...tempting you.:petting:
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I love the emotion and subtle tension in this drawing. Care to explain who the other characters are, btw? :)
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Ohh you will see them in the new Blacksent sketch series I'm uploading recently:) The wizard with the staff in the black/purple getup is Zandor, whom I've already posted. The rest will be coming soon! Michael, the author, will also be putting more up about them at *blacksent.
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:clap: This came out very well!! Im excited.

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It looks Fab-tastic!
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Thanks! And as soon as this upload is done, you shall have prints as well:D

The old version also has prints up now, as well! Enjoy. I can't wait to see how the mug turns out. If you get one, you simply must photograph it for me.
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that looks amazing =D cant wait to see it in stores ;p
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