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Beauty of the Night

By AngelaSasser

Reuploaded this with a better scan. Isadora is a Lasombra courtier with your standard tragic past. She was the daughter of a nobleman who was sold to a Lasombra lord during a business agreement. She ran away with her lover, Raphael...who in the end, turned out to be a vampire as well.

Through the centuries, Isadora loses her innocence and quickly becomes viscious despite the wishes of her sire. I made this character for Vampire the Dark Ages, but never got to play her much.

8.5x11 in. Color Pencil & Marker
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© 2002 - 2021 AngelaSasser
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I really like the colors, and her dress.
Galhad's avatar
Great lasombra concept! i like very much the shadows playing on the background!
I visited your gallery!! I'm astonished! You're so talented!
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Great work, but maybe the arm on the right looks a bit... elongated?
hertha's avatar
Lovley picture, the face is quite intersting as it has been stated before. I am quite frankly, in love with the dress and the hair. A bit of CC though...erm...the hand in the front and the shoulder farther away looks osrt of...strange. That is, the hand in the front looks to be a bit too small. Still a lovley piece.
pinkleopardlady's avatar
her dress is so beautiful! This is a really great picture -^^-
vaia's avatar
How gorgeous!
I love the style to this
Excellent character! :heart:
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I love vamps!!!!!
AngelaSasser's avatar
Actually..I LOVE how the face came out in this version! It looked so retarded in the old one. AND I SAID THE EXACT same thing about her when I finally finished the artistic 'surgery' and looked at the pic. She does look ALOT like me. It's almost frightening and it was done unconsciously. I think it's a pattern with people like me..they put themselves in their characters. In a way, all my characters are a magnified reflection of myself.
cythraul's avatar
It almost looks like it's based, consciously or not, on /you/.... now, I gather you don't like how the face turned out, but /I/ call it a complement.......
AngelaSasser's avatar
I'll definitely say that the face is a much needed improvement. Her lips were so horridly deformed in the original pic@_@**shudders**
patentdragon's avatar
Hmmm - dunno which one I like best. Each has something going for it, but I'll say this one, 'cause you've gone to the trouble of retuning the original. ;-) (Wink)
AngelaSasser's avatar
You'd be stiff too if you were in a dress THAT tight@_@
freakyraye's avatar
hey hun! I like this one too. She loks kinda stiff though...Its ok. ^^
eilidh's avatar
YEs, certainly improved!
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