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BIOGRAPHY-Ry Phirunaden



:new: Resubmitting this picture as a character bio. Enjoy the extra info!

Name: Ry Phirunaden (Ry Fa-Roo-Na-Dane)
Age: 500 (middle-aged for an Elf, but still appears very young. Ry ages well.)

Height: 6'
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Dark Auburn

Physical Description: Ry has a fair, particularly elvish smooth complexion. He might seem like a delicate body type at first glance, but closer inspection reveals a rather gaunt form trained by years of military service coupled with later years of working as a bounty hunter, supernatural creature Hunter, and general assassin type. Those violet eyes of his are almost always glinting with some form of mischief or self-serving thought. The smile he normally wears makes them seem gently decieving at will. Several light scars in the form of scratches cover his chest from minor wounds received during warfare. Ry dresses mostly in loose fitting pants and functional leather, preferring to wear light armor only when necessary.

Personality: Ry is deceptively nice when it comes to getting what he wants and will lie, cheat, and steal to get those things that catch his eye. Prone to wandering the land looking for a good time, he is a pathological liar, a thrill seeker, and quite ruthless in killing to attain his various goals. As it stands, he has no immediate form of a conscience and is mainly motivated by gold to fund his exploits into wine, women(men), and killing. He cares nothing for his own reputation and could give a flying fuck what others think about him.

Special marks: There are black Elvish markings on the same area on each bicep which mark him as a legionnaire from a specific military unit. They weren't required, but his unit decided to get them together to show their pride in their victories.

Race: Full Elvish (he only claimed half-elf at one time to gain sympathy from certain parties)

Occupation: Ex-military mercenary. Typically works solo, but will work in a group if he deems it necessary. He often hires himself out to Elvish lords who want something done they cannot do publically. Ry gets bored very easily and so finds himself working just about any job he finds exciting at the time. (ie. bandit, pirate, name the job, he's probably done it)

History: Different people hear different stories of his past from him. So far, he's been the son of a human concubine and Elvish lord, the orphan of a traveling merchant, and the political prisoner of the territory of Duran (among other things). His true history, however, he hides from most. The few who know it are either dead, old friends, or dignitaries within the military. Ry is actually descended from a low level noble family who sought to gain more prosperity for their holdings by entering their only son into military service during a long stretch of aggression between the Fae and the Elves. As he was not the female of the family and therefore had no claim to power, the only way for him to bring his house acclaim was through military service (or so they believed). The military allowed him a distance from family and awakened a bloodlust he took out on the field of battle against enemies. His unit became one of the most infamous ruthless units known by both Elvish and Fae alike as the Duri Khai, the Wing Cutters. From trophy taking (where they got their name from), to rape and outright murder of prisoners, their atrocities finally became too much for even the Elves to stomach, despite the unit's numerous victories.

In the end, their unit was disbanded, many of them dishonorably discharged from military service while the worst of them were put on trial, Ry being one of those who was prosecuted. The sentence? A choice of exile or death by public execution. Ry chose death just to show his jailers he was not afraid of them and that he had absolutely no regrets in his actions, seeing them as patriotic. When the eve of his execution came, he was approached by a cloaked figure who revealed himself to be an Elvish lord. The noble offered to have him extradited safely and given an employment opportunity that offered him more freedom in the execution of his duties and a more open establishment that believed in upholding Elvish society in a way that was not afraid to take risks in order to achieve goals. Ry accepted the offer and was spirited out of prison, another sent to die in his place. His family disowned him at his death and he was buried as a common thief would be without honors or ceremony.

And thus began a new existence for him working in secret for his benefactor and wandering the human territories, since to show his face in the Elvish or Fae realms would be suicide outside the sanctum of his noble benefactor. He has been wandering for hundreds of years working mainly as a Hunter or soldier of fortune when not using his skills to aid his lord.

High agility and deceptive strength for his figure with a working knowledge of many different combat and survival techniques. Working various jobs during his years of exile has given him a repertoire of different skills to work with from being an accomplished escape artist to blacksmithing to knowing how to pick locks.

*note-All of Ry's weapons were forged in Elvish foundries and therefore are highly resistent to wear, tear, and magic thanks to the use of iron alloy and advanced forging techniques.

Dimano-Muir "Silence's Edge"-Two sword-like blades highly engraved with Elvish embellishments. The hilt of each sword has a bisection where a smaller blade is fit on the end to provide a dual-bladed weapon as well as to make the weapon more javelin-like for launching at aerial enemies. In addition, the ends can be replaced with a chain which allows for a target to be pierced and dragged down or wrapped with the chain. Using this weapon effectively requires years of training and practice. These blades are kept in criss-crossed, finally embroidered dual sheaths held against Ry's back.

Salime Pri "Blood's Liberator"-These katar-like weapons appear to be triangular blades with a thick base and protruding handle. When a trigger is pushed in the handle, the main blade spikes into three making this blade perfect for disembowling and 'liberating blood'. Ry keeps these strapped to his thighs or dangling from his waist.

Other weapons-knives, swords, etc, he is proficient with numerous blades and tactics thanks to basic military training. Another peculiar favorite when he cannot carry weapons into a public place is a length of chain or wire he transports wrapped around his wrists, waist or neck.

*Ry has moderate mental shielding but is not telepathic thanks to military training and meditation to deal with Fae foes, who sometimes employed mental attacks.
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