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BIO-Tenebra Ed.-Melakim Fahre



:new: Retouched this piccy with Painter and Photoshop so the background is looking MUCH better. Updated print coming soon!

First in the biography series I'm planning, Melakim from the Tenebra universe. Learn more about Tenebra at the ~Tenebra-club:icontenebra-club:

Sword designed with the help of ~unitg3d
Medium: Prismacolor Pencils, Micron Gel Pens.
Name: Melakim Fahre (May-la-keem Fah-ray)
Song: Somewhere Else to Be by Vast
Age: 24 (He doesn't know it yet, but he can live for a very long time if not killed by unnatural causes)
Height: 6'3"
Species: Nephalim (half angel, half human)
Element: Shadow

Eyes: Naturally gold in color, his damaged right eye has been replaced by an enchanted opalescent white stone which constantly casts a dim white glow. His natural eyes greatly resemble his mother's.

Hair: Long slightly wavy hair that flows to his waist, very dark red almost black. He normally wears it tied back to keep it out of the way. Melakim has troubles with it since it grows very fast.

Body Type: Very lithe and athletic build with a pale cornsilk skin tone, despite being exposed to the elements for extended periods of time. His skin never darkens or burns and he appears to never age or change as most humans do.

Distinguishing Marks: Extensive burn scarring across the right side of his face and torso from a bout with a fire angel. The symbols of two angels he has slain are tattooed on each side of his right hand, the fire angel on the back of his hand and the air angel on the palm.

Occupation: Hunter of Ehrin Bri Territory

'Brief' History: Melakim was born to a nun in the monastery on the edges of a human territory. He never knew his mother, only that her name was Julia Fahre and that she died shortly after his birth from insanity, or so the overseers of the establishment told him when he was a bit older. His father is also a mystery to him, but as a child, the more spiteful clerics called him the bastard of a fallen angel. He was raised in the monastary, but as a small child, he never understood the hateful whispers and cold stares he would get from the members of the order. He tried as best he could to gain their approval, the clerics being the only parents he ever knew. However, his questionable origins caused them to shun him and treat him unkindly.

In his pre-teens, Melakim began to see things at night, horrible things that came to him, some begging him for release and others that tried to attack him. In particular, there was a creature that assumed the form of his mother and constantly tried to lure him into the night. He kept the ordeals to himself, though it did not take long for the clerics to notice the bruises and markings from his nightly ordeals. Soon, rumor spread that he was demonically possessed. He finally told the abbot of the monastery about his horrible experiences. Unable to control the prejudices of the members of the monastery, the kindly abbot was forced to order Melakim to leave the monastery.

Persecuted, embittered, and alone, Melakim wandered the woods that surrounded the monastery completely unprotected by its familiar walls and left to the creatures that were drawn to him for a reason he did not understand. When night finally fell, he found himself at the mercy of a demonic creature. Before he met his end, he was saved by a Hunter named Cien. Cien adopted the child Melakim and raised him as a protege. Under Cien's tutelage, Melakim was forged into a fine Hunter and also taught the basic information about angelic beings, who showed him that angels were irresponsible beings that cared nothing for humans or their struggles and also abused the power they were given for their own pleasures. As he grew, Melakim came to despise the angels, the angelic father that abandoned him, even though deep down he longed to know what it was like to have known his real parents while they were still alive. Cien became like a father to him, Melakim growing to place all of his trust in the strict and experienced Hunter.

In his late teens, Melakim witnessed Cien being murdered by a fire angel. Enraged to the point of madness, he took Cien's sword and killed the angel, gaining the heavy scarring on his body and losing his right eye in the process. From that day forward, he made his main prey angels, soon moving on to gain quite a reputation as a Hunter of great repute, especially after managing to kill his second angel. Rumors spread through the other Hunters and the guilds of his unearthly origins. Those who challenged his territory were quickly educated.

Now, Melakim hunts finding a quiet peace away from civilization and in the act of the Hunt itself. When he passes through towns, he does what he can to help the orphans and runaways there with the funds he recieves from Hunting, being particularly sympathetic to their situation. He is continually searching for a way to make himself stronger to have an advantage over his prey, and perhaps to find his father and thank him for all the years of support.


*As the son of a shadow angel, Melakim can create illusions which effect only the visual plane. Being somewhat untrained, he does not have complete and seamless control over this ability, but is quite adept at casting illusions of familiar objects and people (including himself). In order for him to create an image of something unfamiliar, he must study it for a period of time till he is familiarized.

*Melakim possesses the aura and presence of an angel. But over the years, the emotions of hatred and despair have dimmed this presence inside him, though it is still there in a small form. As a child, this aura drew many evil things to him, those creatures mistaking him for an angel. His spiritual aura is black, trailing out in two skeletal-like wings from his shoulder blades.

*Another gift from his angelic heritage, Melakim has a natural grace allowing him to move quietly and effortlessly through most environments, even those with rough terrain, which compliments him well as a hunter. This grace also allows him an extradinary sense of balance which he utilizes to balance on surfaces and areas that no normal human could.

*Melakim has an above average ability to heal his own wounds, but not near as fast as the angels themselves. He can heal about twice as fast as a normal human.

*The Eye given to him by Thantos allows him to see and distinguish the different auras and elements of angels.

*Melakim makes most of his own weaponry and is generally self-sufficient right down to sewing his own clothes and administering to wounds.

*Melakim took up Cien's sword after his death. The strange curved blade has a line of Infernal inscription running down the blade, which Melakim knows the meaning, but does not know that it is demonic. The blade itself slows the naturally fast healing of an angel, the runes glowing bright red once angelic blood has been spilled on the blade.

*Melakim has a set of skinning knives and various other blades to aid in taking hides, as well as a set of throwing knives and daggars for getting at those delicate areas.
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interesting character, and I'm glad to be your reference ^_^