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BIO-Melakim Fahre-Exodus Ed.



Mae's changed a great deal since his days at ~Tenebra-club so I thought it was about time to put up a new biography for him. See more characters from this particular rpg setting at ~exodus-rpg.

AGE: 25
HEIGHT: 6'3"
HAIR: Dark red
EYES: Left Eye-Gold, Right Eye-white
RACE: Human (Touched)

APPEARANCE: A lithe athletic young man with a harsh gaze imbalanced by the two-tone colors of his eyes. He has a head of straight long hair that reaches midback which he normally keeps out of the way with hair ties. He dresses himself in his trophies, from vampire fang necklaces to various hides, and is normally seen with raven feathers woven into his hair. When it comes to clothing, he prefers functionality over finery. Melakim carries himself with a straight and sturdy gait and is never seen without a scrutinizing eye set on his surroundings.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: He has several curling burn scars on his chest from a hot knife, reminders of an ill-fated excorcism. Swirling tribal tattoos along his wrists and shoulders mark him as a novice cleric of the Order of Lilium. His most noticeable feature, however, is his right eye, a white, dead-looking orb which appears to be blind, yet has an unsettling stare to most onlookers.

PERSONALITY: Melakim is a quiet man who prefers to remain as emotionless as possible. Passion interferes with his job as a Hunter, therefore there is no need for it in any form. He deals with situations calmly and cooly, and generally with deadly force. Despite his best efforts, however, he is not a monster and oftentimes finds himself showing sympathy for the defenseless, particularly children. He is self-conscious about being called ';possessed' and has a fear of small spaces and restraints. However, there have been isolated incidents in recent years where his personality has shifted completely into a violently sadistic mode, a side of himself he believes linked to the powers he was born with,which he generally keeps suppressed.

Melakim was born in the wilderness, the infant left to die until two clerics of Lilium came across the unfortunate newborn discarded by his mother's dead body. She had apparently slit her own wrists. Considering the circumstances of his birth and the baby's strange white eye a bad omen, the monks took the child in and raised him as a servant. Although he had a home, Melakim never found acceptance among the clerics who treated him as an outcast, the young Melakim working hard to prove himself worthy of their cause. One day he met Caterina, a daughter of one of their members who was the first person ever to make him feel accepted.

The two became fast friends, Melakim even harboring romantic feelings for her. Spurred by his wish to open up to her, he shared with her his deepest secret, that he could 'speak' with and manipulate shadows and spirits, a fact which often caused him to present erratic behavior in the presence of the others, who mistook his fear as madness. Horrified by his confession, Caterina told his secret to the elders, who imprisoned the young Melakim immediately and set to work on a series of ceremonies to cleanse the boy of evil spirits. They tortured him for days before one fateful night he screamed at the vision of a woman that none could see. He knew this phantom somewhere in the back of his mind. It had haunted him throughout his childhood. Just as that figment came close and seemed to reach for him, his world went black and he awoke days later discarded in the same woods where he was born.

Melakim spent the rest of his childhood surviving on the streets, stealing, enduring the abuses of cruel individuals till the day a caring hand offered him food and a warm place to stay. Siin raised him as her own son, trained him as an assassin, and gave him a reason to live by giving him a place in her team of Hunters known as Blood Meridian. Melakim could see the monstrous demon's face beneath the beautiful mask she presented to the world, but he did not care. With Siin, he had a home and a family, no matter how strange she was. He currently works as her assassin and follows orders without question in the guise of a cleric of the Lilium cult, which has earned him the Hunter name of "Red Wing".

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Melakim was born with the ability to wield shadows, (ie. control their shape, darken well-lit areas, and form solid objects out of darkness, among other things). He can also form illusions of some complexity, but these 'shadows' have no physicality or sound to them, only motion. When channeling this dark element, several marks appear around his eyes and chest, which strangely coincide with the exorcism scars. Over the years, these marks have grown to cover more and more of his body and have even begun to cause pain upon their appearance. He prefers to use these powers only when necessary and makes up for their absence by being a highly trained warrior skilled in stealth, swords, daggers, hunting, and survival tactics. The white eye Melakim possesses allows him to see into the spirit realm and sense magical presences.

He also possesses one singularly deadly ability to channel the soul and life force of another via his mouth, effectively 'stealing' the soul of an enemy and keeping it inside of himself. But this ability is very hard to control, as it encourages a wanton bloodthirst in him that makes him dangerous to both ally and enemy, should he lose control. In recent years, this ability has become even more difficult to harness and is only used on 'special' targets. Another after-affect of this ability is temporarily gaining the personality quirks of the soul he carries until it is drawn out of him, leaving him weakened.

Melakim has the ability to wield the element of shadow, however, relying on this power too much has become quite painful over the years, leaving him feeling weak afterwards. He must eat and sleep like any other normal human being and also has a normal healing rate.
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Wow....amazing! Love the background! The drawing is amazin!