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Aurora Cyberware

A VERY old image of my Shadowrun inspired character, Aurora Adonai, bearing her cyber claws, fangs, and horns. Most of the time, these bits of dangerous metal are hidden deep down. She also has cyber ears and eyes and metal woven subtly into her skin. Uploading as a reference for the curious. Aurora always thought the horns and claws made her look more like her reflection of her 'inner self'. Whether she's right about that is another story.

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This is really well done, the anatomy is great and so is the coloring; very nice! I think it is beautiful and would love to see it finished.
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Hoo boy I don't even know where the original of this image is! I may just have to redraw it at some point:) It's so many years old now!
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Meep! Shoo looks mean an' scary! :hides:
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...And now my avatar is scared to play alongside your avatar in Guild Wars. I hope you're happy.

(Great work by the way...good sense of form and depth ^^)
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Wow even for an older image for yours (which I still adore and evny you for ^.~) This turned out gorgeous for what is done. Her face is truely beautiful, whether she believes it or not!
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very cool. :D i like it. will it ever be finished?
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Sadly this image is soooo very old and probably will remain in a lost notebook somewhere. However, I think I could redraw it much better nowadays.:nod:
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holy cripes! Me likes!

definitly not something you wanna see come at you at night....
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