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Archangel Series-Uriel

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Archangel Uriel, the archangel of the earth and regent of the Sun. The concept behind this picture was to depict an angel weighed down with the heavy responsibility of guarding the gates of Hell, yet still he stands, ever vigilante and strong while the ages pass around him. Uriel means Light of God, and he is indeed a light in those depths so closest to the root of the earth farthest from Heaven. There he waits undertaking his duty with all the grace and strength imbued in him by the creator. Waiting till the day when he will destroy the gates of Hell and begin Heaven's reign. This rendition is a tad different than the traditional, but something that just sort of came to me.

I used a combination of prismacolor color pencil for the main figure and vines and watered down arcrylics for the background. The next angel I hope will be Gabriel, if time allows.

Prismacolor Colors Used
Light Umber, Tuscan Red, Beige, Rosy Beige, Terra Cotta, Cream.

Celadon Green, Peach, Light Peach, White.

Angelic Drapey Thingy
Light Umber, Dark Umber, Cream.

Roses and Rose Vines
Cool Grey 20%, Black, White, Canary Yellow, Cream.

Black, White, Cream, Light Cerulean Blue

"This image is a submission to the "Traditional-Angels" group contest "Archangels"
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Hopefully a good wow! :D

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Those wings are absolutely gorgeous~!
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Thank you!  They took a LOT of patience and color pencil. 
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I like it much! The wings, the pose.. 
Seraphel111OMordha's avatar
Oh wow...I love the colors! The pose is very nice as well.Clap
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it's impressive and dramatic!i like it that you have studied the subject of angel categories!
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this is awesome !! lots of drama
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Thanks! Even though he's one of my oldest pieces, he still gets the most attention. I'd love to redo this some day to see how he might fair years later with all that I've learned since.:)
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This is very beautiful <3
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This is incredible!
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Nice drawing but Uriel means "fire of god", not "light of god" and he's not the keeper of hell gates but the shepherd of dead souls....
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It depends on your interpretation and there are indeed many! Uriel as a presider over hell comes from the heretical Book of Enoch, which isn't exactly canon in many religions, but I chose to go with it as a personal interpretation of this archangel with its inspiring appeal. Also, 'light' and 'fire' really aren't too far apart as far as meaning so that's really just mincing words.;)
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Hum... I'm sorry. If you took it from the book of Enoch, it's surely me who must be wrong. But see, interpretations and translations can guide us into endless mayhem. And I think Uriel has been doing many things, most of them unknown to me.... But, "Uri" means fire that is sure and "El" blessed, or divine. Well, anyway, the trouble with mistaking fire and light is that "Light" refers to another famous (and fallen) Archangel...
Anyway, your drawing is still fine!
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Aah I see what you mean about Lucifer! That is a good point indeed, though I have seen Uriel read as Light of God or God's Fire in various sources (which I switched around to "Light of God" in my description). Lucifer lacks the '-iel' suffix which would make his name mean 'God is --' or 'Of God' and instead means 'light bearer' if I'm not mistaken!

The wikipedia page actually has some well sourced articles, if you're interested in learning more!

Either way, they are so fascinating! You make me want to hit the books again and see what inspiration I can draw from these fantastic beings and their stories! Thanks for looking at my art and providing some interesting discussion:D
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You're welcome, I consider myself informed enough (but I never feel that I know enough, on the other hand) about angels.
About Lucifer, His original name was Lucifel but he supposedly switched to Lucifer after his "fall" (so as Satanael who also lost his "holy suffix")...
Almost all angels names as we know them, if not every single one, come from hebrew origins and I'm rather sure that "Uri" is the Fire, not the Light. Well, I can still be wrong.
I'm sure you'll find great inspiration about it and make more of these sweet drawings!
PS: Btw, Wikipedia is often wrong, descriptions they give change regularly and I noticed several things that, I know for sure, were wrong. About angels, it is not a trusted source to me, but they surely know enough to know if Uriel is "Fire of God" or "Light or God".... They should at least!
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For sure wikipedia's not a definitive source of research, but it's often a good place to start, especially when they have well-sourced articles like that one! My go-to book is A Dictionary of Angels and Fallen Angels from Gustav Davidson and Jacqueline Carey's Angels: Celestial Spirits in Legend in Art. Great resources there! Both associate Uriel with fire, light, and general badassery.

Names are a tricky thing in theology because they're often absorbed by one culture and changed about, but I've not heard of Lucifel with the exception of the manga series Angel Sanctuary, where the author took some pretty interesting creative changes based on mythology and her own tastes. Do you have a specific source to site for that name meaning or even the culture/religion that uses that name? I'd love to read it as it's something new to me! I would like to add it to my library and research it further. :meow:
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Hum... I get my infos from the Internet, from my dreams and from one person that I trust and who reads a lots of books.
She always says things like "if you want to know something about an angel, the best way is to ask him" :D
It's really something marvelling that I love exploring too.
I got personnaly linked to Uriel in the way that I was an unbeliever before I knew him, so, that's, let's say, my favourite :)
you can look my favs on my dA profile for some of the ones I know the best.
About Religion in General, my studies are mainly about Osmosis, which is something close to Jund's "Collective unconscious" in psychology.
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Oh, wow. This is absolutely gorgeous angel artwork. I love how well you've done the wings, especially. Beautiful job.
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You, my friend, are one VERY talented artist. That's an incredible piece, with excellent compositions, fantastic colours, beautiful details, pretty glowy roses AND SMEXY ANGEL!!! I love it.
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beautiful!!! love it
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