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Angelic Shades Holiday Print Sale + Giveaway 2011

By AngelaSasser
I was sitting here perplexed at what to do with all the leftover stock from my recent events and LO, I saw many folks on my Watch holding holiday raffles! I love the idea of being able to give people a chance at art for a low price during these hard economic times, particularly during the holidays. So I thought I'd give this a go myself!

If all goes well, I may make this a yearly tradition!:santa:

IMPORTANT! Your subject must be ‘Holiday Print’ and this must be a payment marked as 'Goods'!

Send Paypal payment to angela (at)

By purchasing, you get one mini print or ACEO print
chosen at random from my stock AND are automatically
entered into my drawing.

Any dollar spent past $1 automatically enters you for extra
chances to win! Only 1 print will be given out per customer regardless of the amount paid past $1, however.

Be sure to include your name and address in the message if it is different from the info on your Paypal account


You are getting one mini print or ACEO print for $1 chosen at random from my stock! This automatically enters you into my Christmas giveaway.

I'll be drawing one WINNER for each mini 5x7 print set pictured in the image! There will be one WINNER for EACH mouse pad pictured here as well.

Finally, there will be ONE GRAND PRIZE WINNER who will have a choice of a full color character sheet OR a custom leather item! That's THIRTEEN total winners! Meaning, there's a high chance of winning for a lot of people!:D

Character Sheet - This would be a digitally drawn sheet of concept art showing a full turn around of a single character plus accessory details! This can be a pre-existing character or one with written description only.

Example character sheet :pointr:

Custom Leather Item - I am skilled in making masks, hair barrettes, keychains, earrings, brooches, and necklace pendants!

For examples of what I have to offer for leather items, see my artisan gallery :pointr: =ladydove7-artisan.

Just a few examples of my leather items:

NOTE! I have the right to deny a topic for the grand prize if I don't agree with it or don't have the proper materials/skills, though I am pretty flexible and will do everything in my power to meet your request. We will discuss further details after the winner is chosen.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to NOTE me or leave a comment on this deviation!
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can't wait to see whic i got :la:
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Hey, I just want to let you know to be weary of doing raffles and receiving a lot of donations on Paypal. I personally don't own a Paypal at the moment, but I've heard from others that Paypal doesn't approve of raffles (Some even said it's illegal unless approved by the government or something along those lines.) And I believe I've heard something about people getting accounts temporarily frozen for receiving too many gifts.

I could be wrong though, but I just wanted to let you know in case issues would arise from you doing this. ^^;
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Well I read more into this issue and I think I have found a way to still hold this event! It is now a print sale and giveaway instead. Details have now been completely revamped!:nod:
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That's great! I'm glad you could run your event and keep it safer. (I don't know all the complete details about Paypals rules, but I have heard some things from others which is why I wanted to warn you. ^^; )

Sorry for the incredibly late reply. My sister got spyware from DA a few days after I commented to you and warned me away from the site. I've only recently come back on with better protection on my computer and a paid account (For no/less adds)
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Hmm thanks for the warning! Hopefully the fact they're marking it as Gift will discern it from a Donation, which I know really gets their heckles up. I hope they won't cause me any trouble. X_x